Is Sean Sticks Larkin leaving On Patrol: Live?

Sean “Sticks” Larkin, a retired Tulsa, Oklahoma, police officer, has recently made news, particularly with the announcement of his new show “Crime Cam 24/7,” which will air on July 7. While there has been a lot of talk about his TV gigs, many people are wondering if Sean Sticks Larkin is departing On Patrol: Live.

Sean’s Adventure: From the Streets to the Screens

Sean, who has worked in the Tulsa community for many years, adapted well into the world of reality television. With “On Patrol: Live,” he gave audiences an inside glimpse at the life of a law enforcement officer. His ever-changing profession, on the other hand, keeps people guessing about his next movements.

 Quick Info

Key Points Details
Current Role Co-host of “On Patrol: Live”
New Project Host of “Crime Cam 24/7” set to premiere on July 7
Previous Endeavors Retired Tulsa, Okla. police officer, Author of “Breaking Blue”, Co-host of “Coptales & Cocktails”
Net Worth Estimated around $1.5 million
Personal Life Highlight Brief romantic association with singer Lana Del Rey in 2019

Sean’s Role in On Patrol: Live

“On Patrol: Live” is a riveting docuseries that provides a close-up look at law enforcement departments in action around the United States. While Sean’s presence on the program was real, it’s unknown whether he’ll be a regular fixture, especially with other projects on the horizon.

Adding to His Portfolio: Crime Cam 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Larkin is now working on a show called “Crime Cam 24/7,” which promises real-time crime footage. This big project, which will premiere soon, hints at Sean’s desire to broaden his responsibilities in crime-based entertainment.

Sean Larkin Has Many Faces

Sean has demonstrated his flexibility in a variety of undertakings since leaving the Tulsa Police Department in 2021, aside from TV appearances. From writing “Breaking Blue” to co-hosting “Coptales & Cocktails,” Sean’s adaptability is admirable.

Sean Larkin’s Financial Achievements

Sean’s financial situation has improved as a result of a string of successful initiatives. According to current estimations, he has a net worth of roughly $1.5 million. Such accomplishments strengthen his standing as a significant figure in both the law enforcement and entertainment spheres.

An In-Depth Look at Lana Del Rey’s Personal Life

Sean’s romance with artist Lana Del Rey drew media notice in 2019. Although they appeared to be close for a time, their relationship status remained a private matter.


While the issue of “Is Sean Sticks Larkin leaving On Patrol: Live?” remains partially unanswered, one thing is certain: Sean’s dedication to highlighting the realities of law enforcement is unshakable. Whether it’s “On Patrol: Live” or “Crime Cam 24/7,” viewers can count on this retired officer to provide honest thoughts.


Is Sean “Sticks” Larkin still in “On Patrol: Live”?

While he has been an important element of the program, his future is questionable.

What exactly is “Crime Cam 24/7”?

Sean’s new show, which premieres on July 7, will feature real-time crime footage from across the country.

Sean, have you written any books?

He did, in fact, write “Breaking Blue.”

Sean, did you ever date Lana Del Rey?

They were romantically linked in 2019, however, their current relationship status is unknown.

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