50 Cent Is Done With All The Weight Loss Memes of ‘All Things Fall Apart’! Here’s How he Reacted!

Curtis James Jackson, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, has built a reputation for himself in the music industry, winning numerous awards. His role in the film industry, on the other hand, is no less.

As an actor, producer, writer, or director, he has appeared in over 30 films and television programs. Power, Power Book III: Raising Kanan, Escape Plan, 13, and Before I Self Destruct are a few of his major works.

When the hip-hop mogul works on a project, he puts everything he has into it. All Things Fall Apart, his 2011 film, exemplifies this. He wrote the film and played Deon, the major character. For the part, 50 Cent had to lose nearly 55 pounds. Despite the fact that the film was released ten years ago, online trolls continue to produce memes about his weight loss.

Drastic Weight Loss by 50 Cent

It’s understandable that the joke irritated 50 Cent. Deon was based on the actor’s boyhood closest buddy, who died of cancer when he was young. Deon, a famous football player with a congenital condition, is the central character in All Things Fall Apart.

Despite his athletic brilliance, he shares the spotlight on and off the football field. Deon is undergoing treatment for cancer and is in pain, yet all he wants to do is finish what he started. To pay honor to his friend and accurately portray the gaunt persona, 50 Cent shed over 55 pounds in nine weeks only via exercise and food discipline.

50 cent weight loss meme
Source: MEME

After three hours of regular exercise and following a strict liquid diet, the remarkable weight loss occurred. Robert De Niro, who lost 35 pounds for Taxi Driver, inspired the actor to drop weight. The tattoos on 50 Cent’s arms were also removed. He did so after becoming angry with the amount of time it took him to apply cosmetics on them before going in front of the camera.

The performer put his heart and soul into the film, yet it was not well received by critics. However, because All Things Fall Apart was a passion endeavor for 50 Cent, he did not expect the film to win any accolades. He wanted to pay honor to his friend, so he trained himself to physically and emotionally portray Deon.

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50 Cent Reacts to Internet Jokes

On August 28, 2021, the actor posted a photo of a meme to Instagram. The meme featured two images: a recent photo of 50 Cent and him dressed as Deon.

In addition, the image was accompanied by a text that stated that 50 Cent had dropped weight for a film that no one had seen. He replied with an Instagram caption, claiming that discipline was being mocked.

He went on to say that calling someone obese would be considered fat-shaming. These isn’t the first time 50 Cent has slammed memes like this. On January 16, 2018, he joked about his weight loss in a photo.

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The meme included a photo of Deon sleeping on a bed while wearing an oxygen mask, as well as a text stating that 50 Cent chose the job because he thought he’d win an Oscar. All Things Fall Apart “went straight to BET Blackbuster Cinema,” according to the text. Instead, the actor marketed his film Den Of Thieves by saying, “We lighted.”

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