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Who is Yushiro?

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Yushiro is Tamayo’s traveling companion and Tanjiro Kamado’s close ally. Tamayo turned him into a Demon.

Voice Actor of Yushiro

In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Kyle McCarley provides the English dub voice for Yushiro, while Daiki Yamashita provides the Japanese voice.

Yushiro’s voice Actor ( Source: Pinterest)


Yushiro has a young boy’s appearance, with pale skin and lavender purple eyes. He has short, neatly styled hair that is shaded vertically from a dull green to black. Yushiro is dressed in a button-up shirt with dark blue pants and an all-white kimono.


From the moment he appears, it is clear that he has a short fuse and an arrogant demeanor, looking down on everyone around him. He even insults Nezuko Kamado for being an eyesore in his first conversation with Tanjiro.

He’s usually depicted with a scowl on his face, and he’s only seen smiling when talking about and admiring Tamayo, whom he adores. He only cares about Tamayo and despises it when others interfere with him spending time with her.

He also despises not being by her side for even a minute. In fact, while Tanjiro and Nezuko were fighting two demons who were attempting to kill them, Yushiro suggested to Tamayo that they use Tanjiro and Nezuko as decoys to flee the demon, which terrified Tamayo.

Yushiro claimed he was joking to appease her, but it’s clear he thought about it seriously. He despises it when others get too close to Tamayo, even if it’s just a smidgeon of attraction, or when he thinks she’s being insulted.

He adores her and fawns over her quite a bit. When Tanjiro suggests that all demons have a hard time controlling their desire to feast on humans, he appears insulted and asks Tanjiro if he believes all demons are that bloodthirsty.

Despite this, he can show respect for others, as evidenced by his retracting his remark about Nezuko being an eyesore and describing her as beautiful, as well as covering Tanjiro’s mouth to prevent him from inhaling Tamayo’s perfume, which is poisonous to humans.


Yushiro was a human who was being looked after by Tamayo while she was working as a doctor. When Tamayo offered him the choice of succumbing to his illness or living longer as a Demon, he chose the latter. He agreed to become a Demon and has remained by Tamayo’s side ever since, serving as both an assistant and a guard.


Yushiro would later become the Demon race’s last known survivor after the final battle against Muzan. In time, he would devote himself to a life of art and become known as Yushiro Yamamoto, a world-renowned painter best known for his paintings of Tamayo, which have received widespread critical acclaim. He’s an enigmatic figure with a reputation for being hostile to reporters who try to interview him.

According to Yoshiteru Agatsuma, he has drawn at least 812 Tamayo artworks, with the 812th, Tamayo with Dark Blue Flowers, being his first love.



Yushiro adores Tamayo and will go to great lengths to protect her. He thinks Tamayo is stunning. He is completely enamored with her and will attack and insult anyone who comes close to her except him.

Yushiro becomes enraged when he senses Tamayo’s death at Muzan’s hands, as evidenced by his suddenly elongated fangs.

Yushiro is still alive in the modern era, but he works as a painter, painting portraits of Tamayo, because he still has great respect and loyalty for her after all these years.

Nezuko Kamado

Yushiro’s presence initially makes Nezuko feel threatened because she believes he is a Demon; however, once she realizes he is not a threat to her or Tanjiro, she no longer sees him as a threat and stops being cautious around him.

Yushiro and Nezuka ( Source: Pinterest)

Yushiro initially considers her “unattractive” because he believes that all Demons are disgusting and grotesque, with the exception of Tamayo, his master and the object of his undying love.

However, after they fight side by side during Yahaba and Susamaru’s attack on their hidden clinic, he changes his mind and calls her beautiful. To Yushiro’s chagrin, Nezuko recognizes Yushiro as one of her younger siblings and begins patting his head.

Tanjiro Kamado

At first glance, the two appear to have a strained relationship, as Tanjiro had inquired about her age and the two had fought. However, as the story progresses, they grow to respect each other, with Tanjiro even telling Tanjiro how much he admires Tamayo.

Yushiro and Tanjiro ( Source: Pinterest)

Power and Abilities

Although Yushiro has lived for a long time under Tamayo, who is herself a deceptively strong demon capable of severely weakening Muzan, it is assumed that Yushiro is also a capable fighter.

Yushiro, on the other hand, is more of a support combatant, using his abilities to help others discern invisible things or otherwise conceal his allies’ presence. Most impressively, Yushiro can wrestle for control of a Demon with Muzan, albeit with the help of the Demon Slayers to break Muzan’s concentration.

Curse Immunity: As a result of being a Demon created by Tamayo, who severed her link with Muzan, Yushiro is immune to Muzan’s control by default, preventing the Demon Lord from exerting any influence over him, such as remotely destroying him or reading his thoughts.

Body Modification: Yushiro’s body has been adapted to live with minimal human blood consumption and no desire to hunt humans through unknown surgical procedures. Yushiro, according to Tamayo, requires less blood than she does to stay alive.

Medical skills: Yushiro is an expert medic who is familiar with Tamayo’s special techniques and drugs because he is Tamayo’s aide. He was able to bring a nearly dead Tanjiro back to life, allowing him to fight once more.

Blindfold: Yushiro’s Blood Demon Art allows him to use paper talismans to mask or reveal the presence of something.

Sight Manipulation: He was able to completely conceal the entrance to Lady Tamayo’s clinic in Asakusa, but he was unable to completely conceal its existence from Yahaba’s Koketsu Arrow. Yushiro could counter by revealing Yahaba’s hidden arrows and bestowing this power on Tanjiro as well. Yushiro can also use this ability to render himself invisible.

Presence Manipulation: It appears that his abilities have grown significantly during the battle against Muzan, allowing the Demon Slayers to mask their presence and see one another while using his papers, allowing them to gain an advantage over the Demon Lord himself.

Mind Control: Yushiro can put someone under hypnosis and take control of them using his blindfold. When used on a Demon, he can access their techniques through them. His dominance over them is not just mental, but also physical, as evidenced by his brief battle with Muzan over Nakime, in which both parties wrestled for control of her body. Yushiro fought Muzan by absorbing his cells through Nakime, implying that Yushiro manipulates his victims on a cellular level. To control Yushiro, he needs to be close to his target.


  • (To Tanjiro Kamado) “Tanjiro! Your kid sister… is a beauty.”
  • (To Muzan Kibutsuji) “Muzan. You have committed the gravest sin in the world. You have taken Tamayo-sama away from me. Now get on your knees and repent!! Right now, I am going to erase you from the face of this earth!!

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