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Yukari Yukino

Who is Yukari Yukino?

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Yukari Yukino is a minor character in Your Name and one of the main characters in The Garden of Words.

Voice Actor of Yukari Yukino?

The Japanese voice actor, Kana Hanazawa contributed her voice to Yukari Yukino in The Garden of Words whereas Maggie Flecknoe has voiced for the English version of this character.

Yukari Yukino
Japanese voice actress Kana Hanazawa ( Source: Pinterest)


Yukari has been noticed for her beauty since she was a child in Imabari, Ehime, which makes her feel self-conscious around others. She adored her literature teacher in high school, who made her feel at ease in class and inspired her to pursue a career as a teacher. Yukari began her teaching career in Kokubunji before moving to Tokyo in 2011.

Yukari befriended Shko Aizawa, a student with whom she had a similar relationship to her teacher, when she first started teaching in Tokyo. She was also dating a coworker. However, Aizawa’s boyfriend attempted to ask her out due to Yukari’s popularity with boys. Despite Yukari’s rejection, Aizawa was enraged by the fact.

The girl and her friends stopped coming to Yukari’s classes, and the situation deteriorated to the point where there were no literature classes left in the classroom. Yukari attempted to discuss it with Soichiro Ito, but he remained silent because he believed it was better for her to handle it on her own.

Yukari could no longer go to work, preferring instead to go to Shinjuku Gyo-en and drink beer alone. She couldn’t eat anything other than beer and chocolate and ended up breaking up with Ito.

In The Garden of Words

A boy seeking shelter from the rain came under the roof one day while Yukino was drinking beer in an azumaya inside Shinjuku Gyo-en. She recited a tanka before leaving, despite the fact that they didn’t talk much.

Yukino asked the boy if he was skipping school the next time they met, which was again on a rainy day, only to be questioned about her not going to work. She stated that she was unable to leave and that everyone had a loose screw.

The boy explained to her before leaving that he only skipped school on rainy days, and only the morning classes. They wondered if they’d run into each other again. In the Kant region, that day marked the start of the rainy season.

Yukino learned of the boy’s interest in shoemaking during subsequent meetings at the park. She wondered aloud if he wanted to give up on such a dream when he doubted himself. She returned home and discovered a book she had read in high school, recalling how passionate she had been at the time.

She gave the boy a book about shoemaking during their next encounter at the park. The boy asked her to be the model for a pair of shoes he was making, and she agreed to let him measure her foot.

Yukari Yukino
Yukari Yukino ( Source: Pinterest)

Yukino was unable to meet the boy after the rainy season ended. Ito called her to inform her that the documents were ready, and she returned to school for the final time. Her former students approached her, and the boy from the park was also on the scene.

Yukino went to the park after school and stood by the lake. The boy approached her with bruises on his face and greeted her by reciting a tanka in response to the one she had said on their first meeting. When she inquired about the bruises, he joked that he tried to drink beer, but later admitted that he had gotten into a fight.

When it began to rain, the two sought shelter under the azumaya, but the torrential downpour was too much for them. Yukino suggested that we visit her at her home.

She cooked omurice for both of them after giving Takao a change of clothes and drying his wet clothes. Takao confessed his feelings to Yukino while drinking coffee. Despite her blushing, Yukino instructed her student to address her as “sensei” rather than “miss,” and thanked him for everything he had done for her, promising to return home in a week so she could learn to walk on her own, without shoes. He told her flatly that he was leaving now, regardless of whether or not his clothes were dry.

Yukari Yukino
Yukari Yukino ( Source: Pinterest)

Yukino began to reminisce about her time with Takao as she sat alone in the dining room. She realized she couldn’t just forget about him, so she dashed down the stairs and found him. He told her to forget what he had said before because he must have said something stupid to a teacher.

Takao went on to scold Yukino for not telling him to give up his dream of becoming a shoemaker and concentrate on his studies; it was selfish of her to know so much about him without sharing anything about herself. She couldn’t take it any longer and ran to him, crying and hugging him tightly.

Yukino told him about how she had tried to go to work every morning but had been too scared to actually get there. On rainy days, seeing him at the azumaya saved her. After calming down, the two returned to Yukino’s apartment, where Takao assured her that despite her transfer to Shikoku, he would finish the shoes.

In Your Name

She appeared as Mitsuha’s literature teacher in Itomori, a fictional town in the Gifu Prefecture, in Your Name. She was referred to as “Yuki-chan sensei” in the film’s credits and the novel adaptation.

Yukari Yukino
Yukari Yukino ( Source: Pinterest)

Yukino had a teaching job in her hometown in Shikoku at the end of The Garden of Words, so she is not the same Yukino from The Garden of Words.

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