Youtuber Tanner Fox Went Big For His Girlfriend’s Birthday And Took Her To A Private Island!

Tanner Fox is well-known as one of the most powerful YouTube influencers. Tanner, who is only 22 years old, has become a YouTube phenomenon by vlogging about his daily life, which his 10.1 million and counting channel subscribers enjoy.

Tanner Fox also has a self-titled YouTube channel where he shows off his skills as a professional stunt scooter rider.

Like many other YouTubers, he hosts challenges, dares, self-made music, and travel videos. His YouTube stardom also aided him in the creation of his lifestyle business, TFox, which offers everything from t-shirts and caps to stickers and phone covers.

He began sharing videos in 2011 and has been continuously uploading videos to his channel for the previous years, swiftly acquiring enormous traction, and he now has over 2.1 billion views.

However, one of the main topics he vlogs about is his relationship with his partner. He tells his admirers who he is dating and who he isn’t dating. Here’s a summary of Tanner Fox’s love life for people wondering “who is Tanner Fox dating.”

Relationship Status

Fox is dating Shelby Robins, a YouTuber who has just been on the platform for four months. Although it is unknown when the two began dating, on August 2, Fox shared a series of photos with Robins in honor of “National Girlfriend’s Day,” which he highlighted in the caption. Then, on October 9, he posted a new carousel featuring Robins.

People, including Talent X Entertainment co-founder Michael Gruen, congratulated the happy couple in the comments area.

Fox then posted a video on YouTube titled ‘Flying a Private Plane to an Island For Her Birthday!’ a few weeks later. As the title suggests, Fox surprised his lover by flying her out to celebrate her birthday. Robins had no idea where Fox was whisking her away to.

The pair boarded a private plane owned by another well-known YouTuber, JR Garage, and the pilot even let Robins drive the plane at one point, much to her delight. They then flew back to Temecula after landing and eating at a sky restaurant.

Before the video ended, Fox and Robins even committed to earn their pilot’s license.

Taylor Alesia, Tanner Fox’s ex-girlfriend

Prior to Robins, Fox was seeing Taylor Alesia, a YouTuber who was also his ex-girlfriend.

Fox began dating Alesia in 2017 and the two had been together for a long time. His fans adored her because he frequently included her in his videos. However, after some time had passed, the couple announced their breakup on social media.

They announced they were officially back together a few days later and proved it with a kiss. Since then, rumors about their relationship status have swirled, but they came to a rest when they broke up for good in 2018.

Alesia addressed her separation with Fox in a video on May 5, 2018, saying that they were going in different paths and that it was the best option for both of them.

Alesia, like Fox, has moved on as well.

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