Young Thug’s Net Worth Expected To Rise With Recent Success Of New Album!

Jeffery Lamar Williams, better known by his stage name Young Thug, is an American rapper who has been involved in the music industry since 2010.

Within a decade, Young Thug has released one studio album, two compilation albums, seven Mixtapes, two collaborative Mixtapes, two EPs, and one collaborative EP through various collaborations and labels.

Slime Language 2 is his newest compilation album, which is currently at the top of Apple Music’s Top Albums chart, with six tracks from the album in the Top Songs chart.

So, how does this affect the rapper’s net worth, career, and even future prospects?

Young Thug’s ‘Solid’ Is A Solid Hit!

The 23-track album features guest appearances from Drake, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, Future, Rowdy Rebel, Kid Cudi, and Big Sean, among others, and is the follow-up to Slime Language. Solid with Drake is currently the song that is skyrocketing the charts among them.

Young Thug Solid
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The song is currently #1 on Apple Music in both the United States and the rest of the world. It’s in the top ten on Spotify, with over 900,000 daily listens. It’s a foregone conclusion that it will rise soon.

Drake adds his Midas touch to the track with casual jabs and hooks that put the track at ease like no one else might. Although the song’s structure is basic, with regular trap beats and loops, the swaying 808s and an intriguing hang drum that accents the single make it an ideal song to listen to while closed eyes.

Gunna’s trademark trap rapping style sets the tone for the album, and as he trades bars with Drake, it adds variety in a way that is both fitting and adequate. And, thanks to Young Thug’s tune, he comes in at the end and completely destroys the competition.

Along with Strong, his five other songs have landed in Apple Music’s Top 10 Songs as of today. Third, fourth, eighth, and tenth position, respectively, are Ski, Diamond, Proud of You, Came and Saw, and Paid the Fine.

Thug’s Net Worth Expected To Rise!

Thug’s net worth is reportedly $8 million, which he has been accumulating since he was 20 years old. Now, at the age of 29, he not only has the “macaroni and cheese,” but also the “sides,” with MTV, American Music Awards, and Grammy nominations.

Young Thug Money
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Aside from that, it’s also important to note how this is expected to skyrocket following the release of this album. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple pays all record labels 52 percent of the sales from subscriptions. This equates to about 52 cents per dollar.

Spotify pays two-thirds of any dollar to the rights holders, with labels receiving at least 75 percent of the revenue from the contract, which comes from both subscriptions and advertising in the free tier. This works out to around 50 cents per play.

With these figures in mind, Young Thug and his label are raking in almost $900,000 a day in gross revenue from these big music distributors. This is entirely due to streaming services, which account for about 80% of today’s listening audience.

And there are the songs that have charted and deserve to be included in the mix. There are also sites like YouTube to remember, as well as revenues from radio plays, which contribute to the already massive payoff.

Aside from the songs, there’s a merch store from his label and ticket sales that are eagerly awaiting the repeal of the legislation and the resumption of concerts and tours.

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Young Thug’s net worth is bound to rise as a result of his performance.

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