Younan Nowzaradan Biography – Wife, Son, Nationality, And Net Worth

One may reasonably presume that a wealthy physician such as Younan Nowzaradon lives in luxury and has a prosperous married life with a wife. However, may one infer that the man who helps people overcome their weaknesses and live a healthy lifestyle has gone through a traumatic divorce and perhaps lost a portion of his financial worth?

If not, embrace yourself, for it is true. And, as much as the surgeon wishes he could forget his heinous divorce settlement, he simply cannot.

Despite his contentious divorce from his wife, Dr. Now’s contribution to medicine will never be forgotten. He has conducted bariatric surgery on thousands of patients and assisted countless people in living happy life over the course of his career.

Divorce From Wife; Significantly Reduces Net Worth

While Dr. Now was dedicated to his work as a surgeon throughout his career, he was not always a single guy. Previously, the physician was a married guy with a wife and children.

In 1975, Younan married Delores Nowzaradan. The couple initially enjoyed a wonderful marriage, which was enhanced when they became parents to their three children.

Delores, a former personal secretary, even sacrificed her job and professional ambitions to care for her family. She even spent over two decades nursing Younan’s mother.

On the surface, the marriage appeared to be great, yet it was in danger of collapsing. And the disparities become apparent only after the pair split. After nearly 27 years of marriage, Younan’s wife filed for divorce in 2002, citing little to no support from her husband and brutal treatment.

Despite Younan’s denials, the court found Delores’ favor and gave her 70% of the joint community state, which was valued at $380,0000.

Younan filed a second complaint alleging mistreatment during the settlement, but his case was dismissed by the Texas Court of Appeals. Dr. Now has a net worth of $4 million as of today.

Nationality, Religion, and Son of Dr. Now: The Mind Behind My 600-lb Life

Dr. Nowzaradon, star and host of TLC’s My 600-lb Life, earned widespread acclaim for his contributions to society by assisting obese patients in losing weight through surgery and an extended diet regimen. According to his biography, he has conducted over 2000 procedures over his career.

However, the devout believer of Judaism is not the brains behind the popular show; it is his son Jonathan Nowzaradan, who also works at Megalomedia as a producer.
Dr. Now, 74, may appear to be a perfectionist in his industry, but there have been a few unsuccessful procedures and even a few blunders owing to the surgeon’s neglect throughout the years.

Younan was sued in 2015 by a female patient who claimed he left a 29cm-long steel tubing in her abdominal cavity. The plaintiff sought $1.2 million in damages, citing physical injuries and acute suffering.

Younan, who was born in Iron and now holds dual Iranian-American citizenship, earned his degree in medicine from Tehran University in 1970.