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Who is Yotsuha Miyamizu?

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Yotsuha Miyamizu appears in Kimi no Na wa as a supporting character. She is Mitsuha’s younger sister, an elementary school student, and a member of the Miyamizu family, where she takes part in shrine rituals such as creating kuchikamizake as a shrine maiden. In the rural town of Itomori, she and her sister live with their grandmother, Hitoha.

Voice Actor of Yotsuha Miyamizu

The Japanese voice actor, Kanon Tani contributed her voice to Yotsuha Miyamizu whereas Catie Harvey has voiced for the English version of this character.

Kanon Tani
Yotsuha Miyamizu’s japanese voice actor, Kanon Tani ( Source: Pinterest)


Yotsuha Miyamizu is Toshiki and Futaba Miyamizu’s second child. Yotsuha was taught about the Miyamizu shrine and traditions from an early age because she is a Miyamizu, and both of her parents were also active in the Miyamizu traditions.

Yotsuha had a happy childhood with her parents and older sister until her mother died of a disease when she was about three years old, leaving her with few memories of her mother. Her father was heartbroken after she died because he was powerless to save his wife. He then abandoned the Miyamizu shrine and its traditions in order to pursue a political career, confessing that he only loved Futaba and not the Miyamizu shrine. Toshiki attempted to take Yotsuha and Mitsuha with him, but the girls preferred to stay with Hitoha Miyamizu, their grandmother.


Yotsuha is a young girl with light brown eyes and black hair pulled back into pigtails and secured with two different hairbands. Her typical outfit consists of a blue T-shirt with an orange hoodie on top, white shorts, pink knee-length stockings, and brown shoes.

Yotsuha’s hair is longer now that she’s a teenager, but she still wears it in pigtails with two blue hairbands. She is seen wearing a standard high school uniform.

Yotsuha Miyamizu
Yotsuha Miyamizu ( Source: Pinterest)


Yotsuha is a very level-headed, intelligent, and independent young lady with keen instincts, always waking up her sister in the morning and assisting with household chores. She, on the other hand, claims to see the world through the eyes of an elementary school student and still acts like a happy and energetic young girl her age.

Yotsuha also states that she is aware of her lack of knowledge but is constantly working to improve it.

Yotsuha Miyamizu
Yotsuha Miyamizu ( Source: Pinterest)

In comparison to her older sister, she is more devoted to the Miyamizu family and its traditions, though she is carefree and oblivious to the things that surround the family and traditions, such as comments and criticism from others, which Mitsuha describes as “pre-pubescent lack of concern.” However, she, like her sister, appears to be tired of some of the traditions, such as braiding cords. She also knows Mitsuha doesn’t get along with their father, but she thinks they’ll be able to patch things up quickly because she doesn’t realize how complicated human relationships can be.

Yotsuha, according to Mitsuha, comes up with a lot of strange ideas. Yotsuha also thinks her sister is a little crazy, but she still loves her despite everything.

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Incident of Itomori (2013)

Yotsuha is nine years old and a fourth-grade elementary school student at Itomori Elementary School by the year 2013. She is first seen waking up her older sister, Mitsuha, for breakfast, though she is distracted as Mitsuha (in her body, Taki Tachibana) feels up her breasts.

Mitsuha eventually returns to her own body and joins Yotsuha and their grandmother for breakfast, though they remark on how “normal” Mitsuha is acting now, despite Yotsuha’s claims to the contrary.

Yotsuha Miyamizu
Yotsuha Miyamizu with her sister and Grandma ( Source: Pinterest)

Several days later, Yotsuha and Mitsuha perform a public Miyamizu tradition by making kuchikamizake, an ancient traditional method of making sake that involves chewing rice to intake yeast for fermentation, resulting in sakes that are “half” of the sisters.

Following the ritual, Mitsuha exclaims that she despises her life and wishes to live as a handsome Tokyo boy in her next life, much to Yotsuha’s chagrin; she calls her sister an idiot. Yotsuha occasionally overlooks “Mitsuha” feeling herself up when she wakes her up for breakfast, to which she expresses her dissatisfaction with her “liking her boobs.”

Yotsuha Miyamizu
Yotsuha Miyamizu ( Source: Pinterest)

Taki awakens in Mitsuha’s body and joins Yotsuha and Hitoha in leaving the ritual alcohol kuchikamizake, which Mitsuha and Yotsuha made and thus became “half of their souls,” as an offering at the Miyamizu shrine on a mountaintop outside of town. Yotsuha is upbeat throughout the journey, though she is concerned when “Mitsuha” is perplexed by some Itomori expressions and the comet.

Yotsuha also attends the autumn festival, which coincides with the peak of Comet Tiamat’s brightness. The comet, however, unexpectedly collides with Earth and destroys the town. Yotsuha and the majority of the other Itomori residents are killed in the process.


  • Yotsuha means “four leaves” in Japanese. Her grandmother Hitoha means “one leaf,” her mother Futaba means “two leaves,” and her sister Mitsuha means “three leaves.”
  • Yotsuha uses the suffix -ya in her sentences, as do the majority of Itomori residents.
  • Yotsuha, unlike her sister, is a morning person who always gets up at six a.m. on weekdays.
  • Mitsuha is seen living alone in her own apartment at the end of the film, so it is unknown with whom she lives. Yotsuha is most likely living with her father and/or grandmother.

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