The Stunning Yoon Eun-hye is Unmarried Till Now!

Yoon Eun-Hye, a popular 35-year-old Korean eye candy, does not appear to be planning a wedding anytime soon. The actress is said to be particularly nervous when filming a love moment because she has been alone for so long (eight years, to be exact).

Her battle with alcoholism, which Yoon Eun-Hye had swept under the rug, turned out to be the reason for her single life. However, the actress acknowledged that the problem was deeper, and that her life would not have turned out the way it has today if it hadn’t been for her daily sobbing routines.


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Yoon’s ascension to popularity was all but assured after starring and delivering in back-to-back hit TV shows Coffee Prince (2007) and My Fair Lady (2009). She went on to have outstanding performances in each of the three succeeding series in which she appeared.

Just when it appeared that the TV star could do no wrong, she chose to withdraw from the limelight and stay relatively unknown.

The 2007 quarrel between her and her management business was one of the first causes for her withdrawal from the industry. The feud generated a lot of unwelcome publicity for her and even caused her to lose credibility with her admirers.

While the actor and the firm were able to work out their disagreements, the damage had been done, and the celebrity appeared to want to avoid the spotlight entirely. Following that, she chose to appear in only a few shows. The actress was caught red-handed in a fashion design plagiarism case in 2015 during a Chinese fashion show when her invention was suspected of being similar to another Korean fashion designer, Yoon Choon Ho.

The actress was accused of taking her designs from a 2008 Victor & Rolf style shortly after that, in the same year. The actress came clean and corrected the misunderstandings after several rounds of the news, but the harm had already been done. The actress was not amused by the attention and quickly vanished from view.

Yoon Eun-Hye Stopped Dating For The Eight Sober Years

The would-be star opened out about her history on a March 25, 2020 broadcast of the Korean talk show Radio Star.

Yoon said that she has been sober for the past eight years (since 2012), after previously being excessively reliant on alcohol to even obtain a good night’s sleep.

She claimed that she didn’t drink for the pleasure of it, but rather for the sake of getting a decent night’s sleep. This, she explained, was also the reason for her low-key media presence.

She claimed that alcohol had helped her socialize before she became clean. However, abstaining from alcohol meant she ceased attending social occasions where alcohol was present.

Because she hadn’t gone out to mingle, she didn’t meet anyone who would ask for her phone number or even want to give it to her. When filming romantic or physically affectionate sequences, the Korean eye candy said that she now feels apprehensive and anxious. She seemed to be unaccustomed to that side of relationships.

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