Will Castro Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Nationality

Will Castro is a celebrity car guru best known for his work on the TV series Unique Rides. He has also appeared on Unique Whips and Unique Autosports.

Will has spent the last 25 years customizing and modifying celebrity rides. He also owns Unique Autosports in Holbrook, New York. Will is blessed with a beautiful family as well as a successful career.

Will Castro: Biography, Family

Will, who stands at 5 feet and 6 inches and a half (1.69m), was born on April 4, 1969, in Puerto Rico as Uriel Luis Castro. He was raised alongside his younger brother, Bobby.

After his parents divorced, he moved to Brentwood and finished high school there.

Will has a special bond with his family and values family above all else. Will values both of his parents equally despite his parents’ divorce. His love for family can be deduced from his social media presence.

For example, on October 17, 2015, he shared a vintage photo of his father wishing him a happy birthday. He revealed in the caption that his father is no longer alive, but that he believes he is in a better place.

Furthermore, on February 25, 2018, he wished his beloved mother a happy birthday, stating that he was waiting for his mother to arrive in New York for the celebration.


Since a young age, he has had a strong interest in car customization. Will revealed how he began his career to Newsday on January 29, 2016.

Will stated that his younger brother Bobby attended high school with rapper Erick Sermon. Erick had just signed a record deal and wanted Will to customize his Mercedes-Benz 300E.

As a result, Will made a one-of-a-kind modification to Erick’s car, which was greatly appreciated by other rappers. Erick’s car modification opened doors to new opportunities, and Will has been thriving in his career since then.

Will opened Willie’s Shape & Shine, a car-detailing shop in Islip, with confidence and experience. Later, he decided to grow his company, which resulted in Unique Conversions in Brentwood and Unique Autosports in Uniondale and Holbrook since 2012.

Will’s hard work and dedication have not only earned him his dream job, but also a sizable net worth. He has a $5 million net worth.

Will Castro’s Married Life in the Wake of Divorce Speculation!

Will has a happy marriage with his wife. He even has three children with his accomplice: a daughter and two sons.

Will rarely updates on social media about his wife, so details about her are scarce. He appears to prefer to keep his wife out of the spotlight.

Nonetheless, it has come to light that Will has a great deal of love and affection for his partner. Will shared a photo of his wife on Instagram on Mother’s Day in 2014, expressing his love for her. He stated,

Baby , I want to wish you a Happy and Blessed First Mother’s Day… It’s your special day… You are deserving of the best… I admire you for being who you are. Nobody knows but me and you that you have been there for me during my most difficult times.

Will, on the other hand, has only shared photos with his children and parents since then. The lack of glimpses of his wife on his social media accounts fueled rumors of the couple’s divorce.

However, on 5 May 2018, he dispelled the rumors by posting a photo with his wife after a long absence.

Though he doesn’t post much about his partner, his Instagram feed is filled with pictures of his three children.

For example, on July 31, 2017, he posted a picture of his children and expressed gratitude for having them in his life. Will also shared a photo of his young son’s first day of school on September 11, 2017.

The image captures a father’s excitement on his children’s first day of school. Though Will occasionally feels his father’s absence in his life, speculating on his Instagram feeds, it is clear that his children have filled his life with immense happiness.

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