Who Is Tristan Phipps? Net Worth, Bio, Relationship, Nationality, Instagram, Height, Age

Most best known for his participation in Made in Chelsea, Tristan Phipps was born in November 1995, in England. He is also a social media influencer.

Tristan Phipps is wildlife, fitness, and adventure enthusiast who has worked as a safari guide in the past. Although he is frequently in the spotlight of the media, he has remained quite private in his personal life.

Tristan Phipps: Net Worth

Check out this page’s newest updated information on Phipps’s Net Worth, Income, and Salary for 2021. A total of $1 million to $5 million is expected to be Phipps’ net worth in 2021. (Approx.)

Quick Facts

Name Tristan Phipps
Birthday November 17, 1995
Age 24
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession TV Star
Instagram @tristan.phipps
Facebook Tristan.S.Phipps


Tristan Phipps received good grades when completing high school. Tristan Phipps completed his Bachelor’s degree at a US state university after that.

Relationship Status

At this time, their bond with Phipps is still strong. There are no signs of trouble or disagreements in Tristan Phipps’ relationship. Phipps still has a strong passion and mutual respect for their partner.

Height, Weight, and Body measurements

Tristan Phipps is 5 feet 8 inches tall. Phipps is 68 kg heavy. Tristan has a good height and good body proportions. Tristan is of average weight for his height.

Social Media

Tristan Phipps has attracted thousands of devoted subscribers on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter during the past few months.

Some Interesting Facts

  • Tristan was born on the 17th of November 1995, in England. He is currently 24 years of age.
  • Phipps is recognized for his appearance in the documentary TV show Made in Chelsea. He also appears in Made in Chelsea: Buenos Aires as a cast member.
  • Tristan. Phipps is the username of his Instagram account. He has 63.8K followers and a total of 374 posts thus far.
  • He adores the outdoors and loves to travel. Additionally, as he mentions in his Instagram bio, he was a former safari guide.
  • He is the representative of the Elephant Family since he enjoys nature and goes on many adventures. This is an organization that helps protect animals in Asia.
  • He is an excellent foodie who frequently shares recipes on social media and suggests restaurants to his fans.
  • Tristan also enjoys exercising, and he frequently publishes images and videos of himself working out on Instagram.
  • Tristan does not have a girlfriend currently. He did, however, previously date Verity Bowditch, a co-star.
  • Some rumors claim that the couple abruptly split up in April 2020. On his social media, Tristan has shared various images of both himself and Verity.
  • As an influencer, he works in conjunction with brands such as NOCCO UK, Barbells UK, and many more. He mostly promotes these products on Instagram as he is not particularly active on other media channels.

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