Who is Trey Traylor? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

A native of Detroit, Trey Traylor co-owns a hugely successful YouTube channel with his brother, Armon Warren. The two brothers’ rise to internet fame began with a vine video, which quickly attracted a sizable following on the social media site.

The Trey Traylor brother took a different path and created a YouTube channel when luck kissed them, but the vines were later shut down. The brothers have started creating original music, and the channel currently has over 2.1 million subscribers.

Trey Traylor’s Wiki – Age, Siblings & Parents

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On November 25, 1998, Trey Traylor was born in Detroit, Michigan. He identifies as African and is an American citizen.

Speaking of his parents, his five siblings, including Armon Warren, his YouTube partner, and basketball player Dwight Burton, were all reared by his mother Shiquita Hathaway, an entrepreneur.

Trey enjoyed singing as a child due to his excellent voice and musically receptive ears.

He discovered that his brother Armon had a similar interest, and the two decided to start performing together. The siblings first created their Vine account in the 2010s, which was a quick way for them to get closer.

They experienced a pleasant surprise when their account quickly gained popularity along with the development of their close relationship. They then began concentrating on covering songs other than vines, which they enthusiastically delivered.

On December 28, 2014, the brothers created a YouTube account under the name “Ar’mon And Trey” once they had achieved a certain amount of success. On August 26, 2016, they posted their debut video, “Ar’mon And Trey – The Same (So Gone Challenge)”.

When the vine was permanently shut down, they turned their attention more toward YouTube, and fortunately, the majority of their fanbase followed them there. Their channel became even more crucial over time when they added 3.1 million subscribers.

Both of the brothers maintain active accounts on Twitter and Instagram in addition to their YouTube channel.

Trey, 20, a man of ordinary height, finished high school in his hometown and received his diploma in 2017.

The brothers have started writing their own original songs including No Strings, Breakdown, and Drown, and are currently not just focused on covering tunes.

Is Trey Dating Girlfriend?

Trey, a 20-year-old internet sensation, has never been associated with anyone up to this point. He has never told the media that he is dating any particular female.

He did, however, once upload a video to his YouTube site with the title “I Have Feelings For Your Girlfriend Prank.” Even though it was merely a spoof film, he might prioritize his profession over romantic relationships in real life.

Despite popular belief, the fact that he is unmarried does not make him gay. On his channel, he even refuted assumptions that he was gay.

Trey is not currently dating anyone, although he might do so in the future if they have affection for him as well.

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