Who is Thomas Mars? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

A well-known French guitarist is Thomas Mars. He founded the French alternative rock band Phoenix and serves as its lead vocalist. Also, the group was honored with a Grammy for “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” in 2010.

Thomas Mars Age & Early Life

On November 21, 1976, Thomas Mars was born in Versailles, France. His full name is Thomas Pablo Croquet. The names of his parents remain unknown. Horst, a relative, was the one who first urged him to start learning English. Another older sibling of his is Laurent Brancowitz.

He was very interested in singing from a young age. Along with classmates Chris Mazzalai and Deck D’Arcy, he established the group Phoenix when he was barely ten years old. After Darlin’s split, Laurent, his sibling, also joined the group. Mars claims to have attended school at Versailles for a while but never finished, so he hasn’t learned anything.

Thomas Mars Height & Weight

Thomas Mars, who is 6 feet tall, is a huge man. He has a 72-kilogram weight. He most likely has blue eyes and dark hair.

Thomas Mars’s Net Worth

What is Thomas Mars’s estimated net worth? Thomas’ net worth is projected to be around $40 million as of 2023. He must be making a respectable living from a fulfilling profession. Most likely a well-known American performer with a net worth of around $30 million is his wife, Sofis.


Thomas Mars and his friends started their band while they were young. Before contracting with the Paris-based company Source Records, they first published 500 records under their own brand. The group has released six albums to date and was honored with a Grammy in 2010. Phoenix is a group made up of Thomas singing, Deck d’Arcy playing bass, Chris and Laurent playing guitar, and Thomas. The band became more well-known. The tracks “Heatwave” and “Party Time” served as their first releases in 1999.

The song “Too Young” was later recorded and composed by Thomas and released in 2000. It was their first song to become a top 10 hit. In France and the UK, it peaked at numbers 97 and 148, respectively. Following that, the song was featured in the love comedies “Shallow Hal” (2001) and “Lost in Translation” (2001). (2003). Also, it was discussed in a “Saturday Night Live” segment.

150 000 copies of the singles “Party Time” and “Too Young” were sold worldwide. The release date of their second album, “Alphabetical,” was probably March 22, 2004. Following the release of “Alphabetical,” Thomass and his coworkers visited three nations to promote it. Thirty days after the trip ended, the concert album “Live! Thirty Days Ago” was released. The fourth record, “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,” was released on May 25, 2009. A Grammy was later given to Phoenix (for “Best Alternative Music Album”). The album’s centerpiece, “1901,” a tribute to pre-Revolutionary War Paris, was hailed as the group’s greatest success to date. Bankrupt, the duo’s fifth studio album, was released in 2013. The Netflix documentary A Very Murray Christmas recently featured the Phoenix ensemble. Sofia Coppola, Thomas’s wife, produced it.

Thomas Mars Wife & Marriage

Who is the wife of Thomas Mars? The marital status of Thomas Mars is married. In 2005, he started pursuing American actress Sofia Coppola. While collaborating on the score for one of Coppola’s films, the two became friends. They exchanged vows at Bernalda’s Villa Margherita on August 27, 2011. einsteineruploading up to meet.

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