Who is the Red Hair actress in the new Old Navy commercial 2023?

In 2023, the Old Navy brand debuted a commercial that rapidly captured the attention of viewers. Natasha Lyonne, the redhead actress who effortlessly drew attention with her vibrant charisma and confident stride, was at the center of its popularity.

This commercial, which highlighted Old Navy’s trendy yet comfortable clothing, allowed viewers to not only appreciate the brand’s offers but also to better comprehend and respect Lyonne’s influence in Hollywood.

Quick Info old navy actress with red hair

Aspect Detail
Actress in the commercial Natasha Lyonne
Year of the commercial 2023
Key clothing items showcased Taylor Pant
Natasha Lyonne’s age during filming 44
The essence of the advertisement Embracing compliments and self-confidence
Unique aspect of Lyonne’s look All-red ensemble with a red cardigan
Natasha’s position in Hollywood Emmy-nominated actress

The 2023 Old Navy commercial starring Natasha Lyonne isn’t just a regular advertisement. With Lyonne’s vibrant red hair taking center stage, it becomes an empowering statement about embracing oneself. The “old navy actress red hair” search term soared in popularity, showing just how impactful this commercial had become.

Natasha Lyonne American actress and film director

Natasha Lyonne isn’t a fresh face to many. The actress, who was born in 1979, was 44 years old at the time of the commercial’s debut. She has appeared in films such as “American Pie” and “Orange Is the New Black” over the years. Her distinctive red hair, paired with a distinct sense of humor, has made her a Hollywood standout.

Taylor Pants’ Commercial

The 2023 Old Navy commercial wasn’t only about showing off goods; it also told a story about confidence. Lyonne may be seen confidently wearing Old Navy’s Taylor Pant, providing viewers with a glimpse into the world of comfort and style. Lyonne seemed to indicate, from a casual day out to an evening gathering, that “with the right pants, every compliment is yours to own.”

Natasha Lyonne’s Collaboration with Old Navy

The collaboration of an Emmy-nominated actress like Natasha Lyonne with Old Navy was a watershed event for the brand. This collaboration underscored the brand’s commitment to providing comfort without sacrificing flair. They sent a message to the globe: wear what makes you happy and let the world see your brilliance.

Accepting a Compliment The Heart of the Ads

The advertising for Old Navy frequently goes beyond apparel. This particular advertising emphasized the importance of accepting praise politely. When it comes to showing off your style, clothes can sometimes scream for comments, and when they come, Old Navy wants you to own it.

Natasha Lyonne’s Stylish Makeover

Natasha Lyonne’s entire outfit was a highlight of the commercial. Aside from the Taylor Pant, Lyonne wore an all-red attire, including a red cardigan that she admitted to love so much that she carried it home after filming.


Natasha Lyonne’s inclusion in the Old Navy 2023 commercial not only increased the brand’s visibility but also highlighted her dynamic presence in Hollywood. As she walks confidently, accepting compliments, she embodies the brand’s message: embrace comfort and radiate style.


Who is the redhead actress in the Old Navy commercial from 2023?

Natasha Lyonne is an actress.

What was the main piece of apparel featured in the commercial?

Taylor Pants.

Natasha Lyonne was how old when the commercial was shot?

She was 44 years old at the time.

What distinguishes Natasha Lyonne’s appearance in the commercial?

She wore an all-red outfit, especially the red cardigan.

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