Who Is Taliah Webster? Her Career, Relationships, & Other Facts

Taliah Webster is an actress best known for her role as Crystal in the 2017 crime thriller film Good Time, starring Robert Pattinson. Despite the presence of some A-listers in Josh and Benny Safdie’s directorial, Webster as Connie’s teen-girl ally stands out with her seen-it-all unflappability.

Webster is a New York native who hasn’t appeared in many projects since her breakthrough performance in Good Time.

See what the young actress is up to these days, as well as learn more about her life outside of the camera, including how she got to be a part of Good Time, her experience acting alongside Robert Pattinson, and more.

Taliah Webster was born on what date?

While IMDB claims The Crystal actress from Good Time, Taliah Webster, full name Taliah Lennie Webster, was born on May 23, 1998, some other reports suggest Webster was born a few years later.

As a result, the young actress was 14 years old when she landed the role of Crystal. She is from the Bronx in New York.

Taliah Webster is a New York native and an actress in the 2017 film Good Time.

Taliah revealed in August 2017 that she was taking acting classes in high school as well as at HB Studio. To elaborate, she attended TAPCO, or theater arts production company school.

Webster, a 20-something actress, got into acting thanks to her acting teacher, who she claims told her about a casting call for the film Good Time. Taliah stated that her teacher told her to go, which she did, and after many callbacks, Webster eventually became one of the film’s integral cast members.

How Did Taliah Webster Land a Role in Good Time?

Jennifer Venditti, one of the Good Time casting teams, stated in an interview that she and her team discovered Webster at an open call. Geraldine, one of Venditti’s associates who loved open calls, apparently met Taliah, who was much younger than the casting team had intended.

I believe she was 14, but she was full of sass. She went to a Bronx school for an acting class, and her teacher told her about [the open call], which her grandmother brought her to.

Venditti recalled the moment she decided to go with Webster.

Taliah Webster was chosen from 600 actors to play Crystal.

When The Youngfolks asked the film directors, Safdie Brothers, in August 2017 if the street casting was where all the non-career actors came into play, they responded,

Yes. Jennifer Venditti and her casting team were combing various groups of society and the streets, stopping people and holding open casting calls.

Taliah was one of 600 people who responded to the open casting call for Crystal, according to the brothers.

Venditti, on the other hand, stated that she and her team chose Webster because they wanted to tell a thriller set in today, using today’s fabric, and they weren’t looking for movie stars but regular people.

Jennifer stated that while there were other girls they looked at who had a more sexy vibe, [Taliah] wasn’t trying to be those things.

Crystal plays the sixteen-year-old girl who assists Connie (Robert Pattinson) in keeping his cover and assisting him. Add to that, when things go wrong, Connie convinces her to accompany him in the middle of the night on another leg of his insane mission to Long Island’s Adventureland amusement park.

Webster’s Time In Good Time

Webster’s feature film debut was Good Time. The Crystal actress shared her thoughts on working on a buzzy, independent film. It’s incredible. You never imagine that the first thing you do in the acting business will be a movie, and it’s a pretty good movie.

She also mentioned how enjoyable it was to collaborate with the Safdie brothers. The Bronx native stated that working in Good Time allowed her to form bonds with everyone.

Webster stated that being in the film was her goal and her escape from everything.

Taliah commented on sharing the screen with Robert Pattinson, saying,

It was a pleasure to spend time with Rob. That’s why I admire you. This man is fantastic. I’ve seen every single Twilight movie, so actually doing it was just plain fun.

Taliah was nominated for a Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actress for her vivacious 16-year-old character Crystal in Good Time. Her other film and television credits include the 2018 short film Hair Wolf and the 2019 series Caper.

Taliah Webster’s Before Good Time, I was a huge fan of Twilight.

Taliah Webster stated that she had seen “Twilight” 500 times and admitted that she was exploding inside during the Good Time screen test with Pattinson.

Webster admits to being smitten by the Batman star. However, she never displayed it when they met for the film.

Taliah’s ability to contain her emotions while being intimate with someone she adores was one of the reasons she was cast as Crystal, according to the Good Time casting team.

What Are Webster’s Future Projects?

Webster stated in August 2017 when asked what her next project would be, Whatever comes my way is what I’m trying to take. I’m attempting to make short films, and I’m open to any projects that come my way.

Taliah Webster, Is She Dating Anyone?

While it is unclear who Webster is currently dating or even if she has a boyfriend in the first place, the Good Time actress did post a picture on her Facebook a couple of years ago that gave a little bit of a tease into that issue.

In the image, a man is carrying Webster in his arms and cheerfully kissing the actress. Taliah appears to be enjoying the gesture of the aforementioned braided boy.

The unsettling aspect of this is that this is the only time Webster has mentioned the man in the black T-shirt. He’s been nothing but a cryptic topic since then. In terms of the Hair Wolf actress’s dating life, she has yet to properly shed light on it.

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