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Sophie Arvebrink Wiki Biography

Sophie Arvebrink, who was born on September 7, 1991, in Stockholm, Sweden, is well-known for her work as a fitness model and is also a prominent figure on Instagram. Sophie was born under the Virgo zodiac sign and holds Swedish citizenship.

Childhood and education

Sophie was raised in a sporty household, thus she was born with an athletic gene. Although she hasn’t talked much about her parents, she frequently mentions how they were both professional athletes in their 20s. The vast majority of people assume Sophie is an only child because she hasn’t mentioned having any siblings.

When Sophie was younger, she had little interest in sports, and her parents never made her do anything she didn’t want to. She resolved to change her figure after graduating from high school because she wasn’t content with it. To do this, she paid her membership fee at a nearby gym and started working out every day. She started lifting weights right away and quickly made the decision not to enroll in college but instead to concentrate on her goal of becoming a fitness model.

Career of a fitness model

Sophie worked on her body for two years to sculpt it in the way she desired; she went from a slender girl who weighed 52 kg to 64 kg of muscle mass. She made a profile on Instagram and started posting photos of her daily progress there. She was quickly gaining followers and growing in popularity online.
When Sophie reached 22, she already had a sizeable following on Instagram. A modeling scout then asked her if she would want to model for a fitness magazine he was working on. Intrigued by the offer, Sophie accepted and ended up on the cover page, launching her career as a fitness model. Since then, she has been on numerous fitness magazine covers and posed for a number of well-known brands and businesses.

Quick Facts: Sophie Arvebrink

Full Name: Sophie Arvebrink
NickName: Sophie
Birth Date: September 7, 1991
Age: 29 years old
Horoscope: Virgo
Birth Place: Sweden
Resident: Unknown
Father’s Name: Unknown
Mother’s Name: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Height: 5 feet 3 inches or 160 cm
Weight: 65-70 kg or 145-155 lbs
Body Measurements: Unknown
Nationality: Swedish
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: High School Education
Profession: Fitness Model, Personal Trainer
Boyfriend: None
Spouse: None
Net Worth: $1 Million
Social Media Presence: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

Sophie’s workout and diet plans

Sophie works out seven times a week, and her go-to exercise is the deadlift. Only when she truly believes that her body needs a day off will she take one.

Sophie constantly uses heavyweights in her workouts since she has come to learn that this is what she prefers and what her body is most accustomed to. She regularly performs heavy deadlifts, but she doesn’t suggest it to everyone since if you don’t perform these exercises correctly, you could gravely hurt yourself. She loves her shoulders and uses workouts like the seated dumbbell press, side lateral raise, dumbbell shrug, seated bent-over rear delt raise, and reverse machine flys to sculpt them. On the website greatestphysiques.com, Sophie has posted the full details of her exercise regimen. Sophie always follows a high-calorie diet, only consumes wholesome foods, and makes an effort to avoid fast food and sugar.
Even though she consumes a lot of calories and eats more than six meals each day, she will set aside one day per month to just have veggies and lemonade in order to allow her body to cleanse itself of the toxins that have accumulated. Sophie typically takes whey protein, pre-workout, fish oil, and a multivitamin when it comes to supplements.

Most popular fitness models in the world

The globe is today increasingly interested in fitness, and individuals are using Instagram to find fitness models so they may observe their diets and exercise regimens. Alyssa is not on the list of the top 10 fitness models on Instagram published by the “influence marketing hub” website. We will name four of the top fitness models instead:

  • Ana Cheri, who is currently 31 years old and has gathered about 12.4 million followers on her account, is in fourth place. She randomly started an Instagram account when her body was already in good shape;
  • The third-place finisher, Jen Selter, has more than 12.8 million Instagram followers. She started exercising when she was 15 years old, when she was working in a fitness center, and her first online post in a bikini catapulted her to fame; she is now 24 years old;
  • Michelle Lewin, a former catwalk model who now specializes in bikini modeling, is in second place. She started coming to the gym to work on her body, and soon went from 95 pounds of pure muscle to 120 pounds;
  • The top spot is currently held by Sommer Ray, who has more than 21.3 million Instagram followers. Sommer Ray only joined the platform in September 2016, but that hasn’t stopped her from being the most well-liked fitness model.
  • Even though these are the top four fitness models right now, Sophie and other newcomers may soon unseat them because the market is developing so swiftly.

Personal life and relationships

When it comes to her private life, Sophie is very private. and hasn’t disclosed any information about her previous or current relationships to the public.

According to rumors, Sophie was seeing her instructor in 2016. The two had first met at the gym and had been assisting each other prior to dating. They dated for more than six months before breaking up, ostensibly over jealousy issues.

Currently, Sophie is said to be dating a man who works out at the same gym as her. They have apparently been together since January 2019, but Sophie hasn’t commented on their relationship because she’s so private.

Sophie now looks to be unmarried, she hasn’t been married, and she doesn’t appear to have any children based on her social media accounts and the fact that she rarely discusses her romantic relationships.

Hobbies and other interests

Although Sophie might seem to solely be interested in working out and posing for pictures, she actually has a wide range of interests.
Sophie is a major animal lover, and she frequently brings her best buddy, a dog named Max, to the gym with her. Her favorite area of Europe is the Balkans, the four nations that are its undiscovered gems. She enjoys traveling and has visited the continent several times. She is a talented artist and a great drawer, and when she shared one of her creations on Instagram, it was a drawing of her dog.

Sophie enjoys the summer because it allows her to go to the beach and participate in a variety of activities.

Appearance and Net Worth

Sophie is 27 years old right now. She stands 5 ft 3 ins (1.6 m) tall, weighs about 150 lbs, and has long blonde hair and blue eyes (68kgs).

Posted on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 by Sophie Arvebrink

Her current net worth is said to be over $400,000, according to reliable sources, and it is rapidly increasing as a result of her job as a fitness model, including her work on Instagram.

Social media presence

For her job as a fitness model, Sophie is more or less active online; “more” because she is quite active on Instagram and Facebook, and “less” because it doesn’t appear that she uses Twitter.

The account that originally gained Sophie’s attention is her Instagram account, where she has over 260 photos and is presently followed by about 950,000 users. Sophie also runs a Facebook page with more than 380,000 friends.

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