Who Is Shar Arcand? Here Is Everything About Nathaniel Arcand’s Ex-Wife

Nathaniel Arcand, a Canadian actor, was married to Shar Powell, formerly known as Shar Arcand. After portraying William MacNeil, a disturbed youngster, in the CBC TV series North of 60, her former spouse gained attention.

Shar Arcand received a nomination for a Gemini Award for his legendary performance in the program.

While Nathaniel is well known in the media, his ex-wife Shar receives less attention. So let’s find out in today’s story when Shar and Nathaniel were wed. Do they remain a couple? and many other details about Shar Arcand, Nathaniel Arcand’s wife.

Who Is Shar Arcand, Nathaniel Arcand’s Ex-Wife?

Shar is reportedly a talent manager and event planner, according to her professional career sources. However, there are no further specifics regarding her work background. She only became well-known because she was Nathaniel Arcand’s ex-wife. Her ex-husband debuted as an actor in the 1994 television series North of 60. Arcand played Tree Climber in the Savage Land movie that same year.

In terms of his TV appearances, the actor, who has been working since the middle of the 1990s, has been in several series, including Da Vinci’s City Hall, Heartland, Blackstone, and others. Nathaniel made appearances in Bull and Supernatural in 2017. The actor also had appearances in the TV programs FBI and Black Summer in 2019.

Additionally, Shar Arcand’s ex-husband was cast in the lead role of FBI: Most Wanted’s highly skilled sniper, Special Agent Clinton Skye. Together with Julian McMahon, Kellan Lutz, and Keisha Castle-Hughes, he appeared in the project from 2020 to 2021.

How is Shar Arcand currently acting?

In addition, the actor has appeared in several films, including Black Cloud, Ginger Snaps Back, American Outlaws, and The Doe Boy. Arcand appeared in the movies Indian Road Trip and Monkey Beach in 2020.

Arcand Shar Childhood And Biography

Canada is where Shar Arcand was born and raised. Sadly, the details of her early years and age are still hidden from view. However, several of Shar’s Instagram postings imply that she celebrates her birthday at the beginning of June.

However, her ex-husband Nathaniel, 50, was born in Edmonton. Canada’s Elberta.

What Ethnicity Is She?

Shar is a Canadian citizen and a member of the Caucasian ethnic group.

When did Shar Arcand and Nathaniel Arcand, her ex-husband, get married?

Both of the ex-lovers have kept their marriages a secret. Therefore, there is no exact date for their wedding, and neither Shar nor her ex-husband Nathaniel has ever spoken about it. Despite this, the couple didn’t appear at any public events together.

How can we determine when Shar and Nathaniel parted ways given that there is little information about their love story?

Nathaniel and Shar Arcand have three children.

Griffin Powell-Arcand and Jaden Arcand are two sons, and Trisha Arcand is a daughter, making Shar the proud mother of three children. On her Instagram, Trisha has shared a few pictures of her mother. Trisha uploaded a flashback photo of herself and her mother in May 2018 in honor of Mother’s Day with the comment, “Mother’s Day.”

“Legit my best friend; love you, mom, @supersharzy; #mothersday; mama; bff; my favorite human.”

In addition, AD Shar is the grandma of two children born to her daughter and Chris O’Connor.

Griffin, her son, Is Tracing Her Father’s Path

Griffin, Shar’s son, enjoys acting just like his father. Griffin, who was born on October 19, 1997, in Edmonton, Alberta, began his acting career in 2003 with a little part as Thunder Boy in the TV drama DreamKeeper. In 2005, he appeared in the television shows Moccasin Flats and Little House on the Prairie. The actor rose to fame because of his portrayal of Donnie in Mixed Blessings (2007-10).

The Intrepid Explorers: Bumpy Road, Chambers, and Trickster are a few of his other TV appearances.

Share Arcand’s Post-Divorce Dating Life

Shar is a quiet individual who discusses her life only infrequently, as we’ve already mentioned. The former celebrity husband is still mum about her present romantic situation. Thus, it is challenging to determine whether Shar is dating anyone or not.

It appears that since December 5th, 2016, her ex-husband Nathaniel has been wed to Jolene Arcand. Jolene, his second wife, wants to be a designer, nutritionist, and artist.

How much money does Shar Arcand make?

As of 2022, she has a $300,000 net worth. In addition, the actor has $3 million. Let’s not even mention how wealthy her husband Nathaniel is. He has amassed considerable wealth thanks to his roles in both movies and television shows.

Are Shar Arcand’s Social Media Accounts Active?

Yes, Shar, the ex-wife of Nathaniel Arcand, is active on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Shar, though, isn’t a frequent user; she keeps her Instagram secret and just sometimes posts images on Facebook.

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