Who is Russ Mayfield? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

The TLC’s 90 Day Fiance gave reality TV star Russ Mayfield his biggest break. In the first season of the program, Russ co-starred with Paola Mayfield, his future wife from Columbia.

Russ Mayfield couple got hitched and later made a second appearance on the show’s spinoff to discuss how their lives had changed since exchanging vows.

Russ Mayfield’s Net Worth

Russ graduated from Oklahoma State University with a mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree in 2010. He worked as an intern on numerous projects and as a career coach between semesters of college.

Russ joined Baker Hughes as a field engineer after graduating. He later worked for Devon Energy as a drilling engineer.

He worked with Pure Technologies from September 2017 to September 2018, gaining a lot of experience in his industry.

He currently works as a technical product manager at Miami, Florida’s Xylem Inc. He must make a high income to support his dual careers as a product manager and a TV personality, which will ultimately increase his net worth.

Along with his regular duties, he and his wife also use social media to market a unique brand of tea.

Married Life With Paola Mayfield, Welcomes Baby!

While on a business trip to Columbia, Russ met Paola, a fashion designer, model, and personal trainer. Despite being from different countries, they felt at ease with one another and quickly became romantically involved.

As a result, the couple was chosen to participate in the TLC program 90 Day Fiance to handle Paola’s visa application and eventual wedding.

After being married in October 2013, the couple relocated to Oklahoma. Later, they made their home in Miami, Florida, where they could both concentrate on their careers.

Russ and Paola have experienced a lot to get to where they are now as a couple. They disagreed, and this led to numerous arguments. They surmounted every obstacle that came their way with love and support, refusing to let those things define their relationship.

They experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage due to medical issues in Paola, and they never imagined they would ever be blessed with a child. They did, however, just welcome Alex, their firstborn, on January 1, 2019.

The two have become even closer and are grateful to have each other as life partners since the birth of their “little wonder.”

Russ Mayfield’s Wiki (Age)

The birthplace of Russ Mayfield is Owasso, Oklahoma. He is 31 years old, with a birthday on June 24, and is a citizen of the United States.

The 90-Day Fiance star has not made many disclosures on his upbringing or parents. Despite the fact that Russ comes from a background in reality TV shows, which typically feature family history, the type of equation he has with his family is still unknown.

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