Who is Rooster McConaughey? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

American actor Rooster McConaughey began working in the late 1990s. He gained notoriety for playing a pivotal part in the 1998 film The Newton Boys.

With co-star Butch Gilliam, he appeared in the CNBC program West Texas Investors Club in January 2015. Additionally, Rooster appeared in the 2017 film Call for Fire and the 2018 film The Iron Orchard.

Additionally, in January 2018, Rooster and Butch Gilliam debuted their brand-new A&E Network television series, Rooster & Butch.

Rooster is most known in Texas as a renowned oil pipe salesman, in addition to his profession as an American actor similar to Sam Milby.

He is a multi-millionaire self-made individual who, at the age of 30, had amassed one million dollars.

Rooster McConaughey’s Wiki Plus Net Worth

Rooster was born on August 2, 1954, to parents James Donald McConaughey and Kay McConaughey in Houston, Texas, USA, and was given the birth name Michael Patrick McConaughey.

His mother Kay McConaughey was an actress, while his father Matthew McConaughey was a businessman and an NFL player. Along with his younger brothers Pat McConaughey and Matthew McConaughey, Rooster was raised.

Given that both his mother and his older brother are performers, Matthew followed in their footsteps. He eventually rose to fame on the big screen and received an Oscar.

Regarding Rooster’s schooling, he never finished college but undoubtedly inherited both of his parents’ qualities as a businessman and an actor. Rooster is thought to have a net worth of roughly $55 million as a result of his successful acting career and his ownership of DGM Supply.

Married Erica McConaughey As Third Wife

Both Rooster’s marriage and his line of work are fascinating. The 64-year-old businessman and actor are wed to Erica McConaughey.

Rooster had already married two women before Erica.

Marsh Smyth is the name of his first wife. The couple wed on December 5th, 1974, and welcomed Madison Beaumont McConaughey into the world in September 1975. When Rooster had his first child, he was just 21 years old.

On June 27, 1977, their relationship deteriorated and came to an end.

On October 6, 1984, Rooster remarried Georganne Hurt after a seven-year separation. One boy and one daughter were born to the couple.

Miller Lyte is the name of a beer that Rooster gave his son.

In an interview with FoxNews on January 24, 2018, he discussed the inspiration behind naming his baby Miller. He admitted that he used to consume a significant amount of Miller Lite. He ultimately decided to name his son after a drink.

He disclosed that his daughter’s name, Margarita, was taken from the name of his first wife, Georganne’s grandmother.

Rooster is enjoying his life with his third wife Erica McConaughey after two failed marriages while juggling his business and TV activities.

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