Who is Prim Siripipat? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

A well-known name in the world of television broadcasting is Prim Siripipat. She does indeed work as an ESPN television anchor. Siripipat co-hosts the ESPN Radio program “Spain and Prim” at the moment. She used to play tennis for Duke.

Prim Siripipat’s Wiki-Bio

According to her biography, Prim Siripipat was born to Ampai and Pallop Siripipat on January 15, 1981. She is of mixed heritage and American nationality. She began taking dance, swimming, gymnastics, and piano lessons when she was four years old. She moved to Tampa, Florida with the assistance of her mother when she was 12 years old in order to advance her career.

Her wiki states that she attended Saddlebrook Preparatory School. She also received a full scholarship to attend Duke University. She then spent the next four years majoring in sociology and minoring in biological anthropology and anatomy.

Prim Husband, Married

She is married to Mediacom’s founder and head of strategy and technology, Benny Anderson. She had kept her boyfriend’s beginning of their relationship and how she met him a secret, though. After her March 2017 wedding, she also became engaged to her boyfriend in 2016.

She and her spouse delighted in their happy marriage and treasured their time spent together. On October 8, 2018, she and her husband had their first child, Duke Joel Aronson. The three-person family is ideal, and the two of them have managed to keep their marriages strong and have kept the world’s negativity at bay.

Her marital status demonstrates categorically that she is not a lesbian, dispelling all presumptions to the contrary.

Prim Siripipat ‘s Career

In 2004, shortly after finishing her education, she was hired by WRAL-TV as an intern. She also participated in the thousands of contestants that she attempted to defeat in the 2004 season of the ESPN program Dream Job. Eventually, in 2007, she was hired by Miami’s CBS-4 as a sports reporter. When she was hired as an anchor at ESPN in 2011, the year 2011 proven to be a significant step forward for her career. Her biography states that in addition to anchoring, she also analyzes tennis.

She also toured the globe with the US national team, which eventually placed her among the top ten players in the nation under the age of eighteen. Her senior year saw the Duke Blue Devils tennis team win the Indoor National Championship and place in the top 10 nationally. Her tennis career was therefore going nicely. But regrettably, she had to endure a number of ailments throughout the tennis season. By the time she was seventeen, she had had two stress fractures in her back. Her shoulder and both of her knees need surgery, as well. She was forced to stop playing tennis as a result, which prevented it from becoming her career.

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