Who is Paula Throckmorton? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

The woman will achieve the fame she never imagined when the husband is a well-known journalist and author. This is Paula Throckmorton’s situation. Fareed Zakaria, her spouse, is a well-known novelist and journalist. Fareed is employed by CNN.

Paula Throckmorton is a successful jewelry designer who is independent and educated. She received her MBA from Harvard University. She now works as a meditation instructor and writer.

Paula Throckmorton Wiki, Age

Paula has a birthday party every year on July 9th. Paula attained this amazing achievement at a very young age. Many people are motivated by her to live a peaceful lifestyle.

Paula enjoys spending most of her time outside. She enjoys writing about her inner self so that others might understand what she has learned. She achieved great success in her meditation profession.

At the age of 19, she discovered a liking for meditation. Since then, she hasn’t looked back and has made every effort to become an expert meditator. Her estimated net worth is respectable due to the fact that she earns a respectable income from her work.

She has kept her family and place of birth confidential because she is a private person. She prefers to lead a normal life and dislikes talking more about her private affairs.

She has certainly been in the spotlight as the wife of a well-known journalist, but she does not particularly enjoy the attention.

Paula Throckmorton Husband, Children

In 1997, Paula and Fareed tied the knot after a while of dating. Despite the fact that Fareed is from India and they were raised far apart, they married because they seemed to understand each other the best of anyone.

Omar, Lila, and Sophia are the three children who they are co-parenting. Omar, her oldest son, recently graduated from high school and is presently enrolled at Yale Campus. Paula is incredibly proud of her kids’ accomplishments and can’t help but brag about them on social media.

The marriage between Paula and her husband is struggling, though. Even though they split up in 2011, they quickly made amends. On July 24, 2018, the headlines once more claimed that Paula and her husband had privately filed for divorce. “Irretrievable collapse,” according to Paula, was the cause of the divorce.

It appears like they would divorce amicably because Fareed said they were working on it.

Fareed’s net worth is thought to be $8 million, although it is not yet clear how they would split the money and child custody.

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