Who is Paul Makonda? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Paul Makonda, a politician from Tanzania, serves as Dar es Salaam’s regional commissioner. After the Tanzanian referendum, he was one of the select few people given the task of drafting the country’s constitution. He is a devoted admirer of President Dr. John Magufuli and a devout Christian. Paul is well-recognized for enforcing strict laws against homosexuality and prostitution and is quite active in his work.

Paul Makonda also has a YouTube channel with roughly 3K subscribers in addition to his political efforts. On his channel, he only makes posts on his political activity and the general public.

Paul Makonda Net Worth

One of Tanzania’s most well-known politicians is Paul Makonda. He is well recognized not just in Tanzania but also throughout the world for his contentious legislation against homosexuality. He has certainly accumulated a sizeable net worth due to his active involvement in political matters. Even if the precise numbers are unknown, they can be roughly estimated. Paul Makonda receives an annual salary of $76K on average.

Paul’s Thoughts On Gay Rights

Paul Makonda has zero tolerance for the LGBTQ community. He has actually started every initiative imaginable to eradicate homosexuality in Tanzania. Even worse, he launched an anti-gay campaign and in an interview in December 2018 expressed his opinions on homosexuality.

He believes that homosexuality is a “sin” and that people who advocate or engage in it ought to face harsh punishment. He publicly urged his constituents to report anyone acting or talking in a gay manner. He even said that everyone suspected of engaging in sexual activity with people of the same sex would be required to undergo anal examinations as if that weren’t enough.

Paul Makonda is aware that there are other problems in Tanzania, including terrorism, drug misuse, and sexual assault. He does, however, think that homosexuality is the most pressing issue since homosexuals are using social media to advertise their services, which goes against Christian values. Paul is well aware of the widespread anger that will result from the adoption of these policies. But he asserted that he preferred to enrage those individuals to enrage his “God.”

He has enacted laws that are extremely harsh on the gay community. The alleged homosexuals will be punished, with the death penalty being the harshest penalty.

Paul Makonda Family, Wife

Paul Makonda has split up with numerous homosexual partners, but he has long embraced a wonderful marriage with his wife Rosemary Walwa. Rosemary Walwa is employed by the Tanzanian company DTB.

Paul didn’t have to wait long to begin receiving blessings after learning of his wife’s pregnancy.

The couple welcomed a son into their family in July 2018 after a few years of marriage. Paul posted a picture of his baby on Instagram back in July, but he has now deleted the majority of those postings, including the picture of his son.

Paul does not want to divulge every private detail in public, hence there is not much information available about his family. He and his wife occasionally share photos of their interactions on social media, showing how happy they are to be together.

His Short Bio, Age

According to his biography, Paul Makonda is born on February 15. It is commonly known that he was reared in a devout Christian environment, despite the fact that there is no information regarding his birthplace or his family. Since an early age, he had been a blind follower of Christianity and religious principles. Paul has a degree in cooperative and business studies from Moshi town’s Muccobs University, according to his educational history.

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