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Patric Brown and Jennifer Flagg, better known online as Pat and Jen, have decided to divorce. The couple spoke openly about their divorce in a video posted to their YouTube account, outlining their decision-making process.

Why Did They Divorce?

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In 2015, Pat and Jen exchanged vows. But they shocked their followers by breaking up four years into their relationship.

On May 26, 2019, the two shared a video in which they revealed their divorce.

The two are shown discussing their split while grinning throughout the video, which may mislead viewers. But as they pointed out, they had already moved on from the difficult time of their divorce.

Pat stated before the video that they had been contemplating divorce for about a year but had been unable to find the ideal moment to take the plunge. Jen concurred with Pat and added that they were coping with the divorce well.

The couple highlighted that having children was the main cause of their breakup, among other factors. While Jen claimed that having a kid meant a lot to her, Pat stated that he didn’t want one.

Additionally, they discussed how apart they had become from one another over the years, and how this was one of the factors in their divorce. Pat stated:

“In life, we are very different people. Like there are so many various things in life that we desire to do, many of which are really dissimilar from one another. Thus, it made sense to us and we just believed that everyone in life should be joyful.”

Jen continued, stating,

“Since we’ve been together for such a long time and I couldn’t bear to imagine life without you, I believe we were also afraid. And I believe that the dread of the unknown is very frightening. However, we both deserve to be content.”

Pat thanked his friends and the viewers for their support during their divorce process as he glanced at a brief note he had prepared with a list of topics to cover in the video.

He also proudly stated that they remained friends and parted ways amicably. In spite of their split, he said, they would still make films for their channel.

Gab Smolders’ love life is publicized on social media in full force.

Post-Divorce Update

They encouraged their supporters not to be scared when they saw them with their new partners and discussed their future ambitions to date other people in the video.

As it turns out, they both quickly moved on after finding their new companions.

They have been dating for about a year, while Jen is in a relationship with Andy. Due to the fact that they are both quite outspoken about their relationships, they routinely post pictures of their relationships on social media.

And based on their social media activity, the two appear to be very content with one another.

On the other hand, Pat and Kvveen, his new partner, have made significant progress in their relationship.

On July 27, 2021, the popular YouTuber posted a video to his channel in which he knelt down and asked his partner to “fake marry” him while wearing a snake-shaped ring on his hand.

They both joined in on their wacky plan after a little moment of giggling. Pat joked that she should wear the ring on her middle finger because it wasn’t a true wedding.

Overall, Pat and Jan remain friendly and are content with their respective partners. They still collaborate on their YouTube channel.

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