Who is Ottavia Busia? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Ottavia is a stunning lady on the inside and out. She was conceived on July 11, 1965. Ottavia is now 51 years old and still looks stunning. When you look at her and consider her age, you won’t believe your eyes.

She has a strong personality and is a skilled martial artist. Ottavia Busia developed a deep passion for martial arts at a very young age. Ottavia’s marriage to Anthony Bourdain brought her newfound celebrity. You can read the majority of Ottavia’s life story here. You will come to know her personally even though there isn’t much to know about her professionally.

Ottavia is a Sardinian native. It was where she was raised. On the island of Sardinia, she went to an elementary school. She had no trouble continuing her studies because she was motivated to pursue a decent degree. You will learn more than enough about her husband Anthony’s schooling, but very little about her own.

Ottavia Busia Career

Unlike her spouse, who is a chef, Ottavia decided to pursue a career in martial arts. He had the opportunity to host a number of television programs. His cooking-related shows were great, and millions of people loved his books on the subject of cuisine. He made enough money to provide a comfortable lifestyle for himself and his family. He served as a judge for numerous TV competitions.

His current earnings total $16 million. If there weren’t any effort and hard work, this enormous sum would only be a dream.

Later, following his passing, news reports stated that he had a net worth of $1.2 million, despite having spent $3.35 million on a New York City condominium in 2014.

Ottavia Married, Husband Anthony Bourdain

Ottavia Busia and Anthony tied the knot in 2007. Although they are very different in age, their connection at the heart prevented age from ever becoming a barrier in their relationship. There was nothing that could stand in the way of their love for one another.

Together, they have a daughter. Anthony had his baby with Ottavia after making plans for it, as evidenced by the fact that he didn’t have a child from his prior relationship. The couple is unable to get a divorce.

But regrettably, the couple decided to separate after nine years of marriage. There were no bad feelings throughout their breakup because they did it amicably. Anthony also disclosed that the pair had been living apart for some time prior to their separation.

Despite the fact that their daughter believes her parents are strange, they were able to raise a little girl who is healthy, happy, and confident.

Despite the fact that they were split up, they never actually divorced.

Anthony went on with his life after the breakup and started dating the Italian actress Asia Argento. In an interview, he also expressed his happiness at being with someone he views as a peer.

Ottavia, unfortunately, had to experience yet another significant startling news. Anthony, her ex-husband, died at age 61 from what appeared to be suicide.

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