Who is Natasha Geigel? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

In the wide profession of journalism, one must report on everything that occurs in our society. Sports, politics, entertainment, or something else could all be included. A similarly diverse human resource is required for this field’s diversity.

Numerous individuals have arrived to perform as journalists as a result of this workforce want being recognized. In this way, the name Natasha Geigel appears, who makes a living as a television journalist.

At the moment, Natasha is a reporter for Fox-owned station KRIV, where she also anchors a program called Fox 26 Morning News. Houston is the home of this station. She had to say goodbye to New York and go to Houston due to a new job in a new location.

Prior to moving to Houston, she spent 2012 working at News 12 in Brooklyn, Long Island, and The Bronx. She served as the traffic reporter, anchor, and traffic reporter for the cable channel there. She also served as the host of the program Food For Thought. She has been a member of the Fox family since 2016.

She began two health and fitness segments for the weekend newscasts while working at News 12, which helped her become a nominee for a New York Emmy award for her “Ready, Set, Fit” segments. We can assume that she makes a big pay because of her good reputation in the industry. Though no one has revealed her income.

In addition to working at her normal job, Natasha likes to snowboard, salsa dance, play with her two dogs, go to the gym, and spend time with her husband. She speaks Spanish with ease as well.

Natasha Geigel Wiki- Age, Parents

Natasha Geigel, who was born on August 28, 1983, is 35 years old. Despite her fame peak, she has been successful in keeping her early years and parents a secret.

But it’s evident from her social media posts that the woman looks to her parents for inspiration.

When Natasha was reporting from the field on February 7, 2017, her mother passed away. The two had a great relationship.

Through her Instagram, Natasha expressed her sorrow over her mother’s passing. She reflected on the time and shared an old photo of her family’s trip to Puerto Rico.

Natasha Geigel Married, Boyfriend

Natasha Geigel enjoys a fulfilling relationship with her lover. She is dating a Spanish man by the name of MMac Donald.

Although it’s unclear when they truly started dating, Natasha started sharing a lot of her photos with him around the middle of 2018.

According to MMac’s Instagram account, he is a Spanish ex-pat living in Texas. Other than this, not much about him is known to the general public.

Most significantly, MMac and Natasha appear to be having a great time together.

The adage “love cannot be disguised” is best applied to Natasha and her partner. Natasha has always been very transparent with her fans about her relationship because she frequently posts photos of herself and her boyfriend together, but via the photos she posts, her followers learn more about their daily lives.

Along with traveling together, the couple also shares special occasions together.

It’s obvious from their connection that Natasha and MMac would make a wonderful couple. To make it happen, hopefully, the pair decides to be hitched.

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