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One of the most popular natural hair care YouTubers is Whitney White, commonly known as Naptural85. In addition to her knowledge of hair care, her enormous fan base is well aware of her love life because she is open about her personal experiences.

Naptural85 shocked her entire following in 2020 by sharing some information about her nuptials through Instagram stories.

What Happened To Naptural85 Marriage?

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Since he frequently appears in White’s videos, her spouse Filipe is well-known to anyone who follows her on social media.

However, White and Filipe’s ten-year union has broken up. White took to her Instagram story in May 2020 to enlighten her followers about her relationship with her ex-husband and to announce the news of their split.

Although the Instagram stories were long since deleted, Natural Nyota, a YouTube channel, posted a video that included all of her deleted posts.

The divorce procedure, according to White’s declaration, began in October 2019. The YouTuber gave an explanation for the divorce, claiming that Filipe cheated on her with one of her admiring YouTube viewers.

She added, “Even though I provided the primary cause for our breakup, I refrained from going into further specifics.”

“I don’t want to complicate my life further because I still have to co-parent. Additionally, I don’t want my children to come of age with a digital trail of this.”

She also stated, “I’m sharing my path to recovery from the horrible experience.”

“I sought out therapists, attempted conversation starters, and pleaded with people to talk to me, but nothing worked. He was the one I loved and still do, to some extent. But I had to recognize my worth at last.”

She said that she was coping with the tragic incident while also attempting to go on with her life. She thanked her supporters for their support throughout the trying time and concluded her Instagram story by announcing that she would return soon with new vlogs featuring her children.

White and Filipe’s Love Story

She tells her life narrative and how she met Filipe, her high school sweetheart, in a YouTube video titled “DRAW MY LIFE.”

When she was a sophomore in high school, she first met Filipe in an art class. Filipe would always strive to impress girls in school, as she had said.

She, however, found his actions bothersome. The YouTuber had no idea that she would eventually wed the same obnoxious high school student.

After several failed attempts by Filipe to win her over, she finally confessed her love for him, and the two started dating in their junior year of high school. They later experienced a dramatic breakup, and the on-off relationships persisted for the remainder of their high school careers.

But they were able to remain faithful to one another even later, during their time in college, and they got married in 2008.

White and Filipe’s Kids

The son and daughter of the couple were born throughout their ten-year marriage. Their firstborn child’s name is Olivia, and Theodore is the name of their second child.

White solely posts vlogs with Filipe and the kids to a different YouTube account. There haven’t been any new vlogs since the two separated, though.

White and Filipe are co-parenting the children, so even though the couple is no longer together, they will still be connected in various ways.

Additionally, after the divorce, White posted on Twitter to inform her followers that she is doing her best to deal with the circumstance and getting stronger every day.

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