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The well-known author, writer, and philanthropist Mitch Albom wrote Finding Chika as a tribute to his adoptive daughter, who tragically went away from a brain tumor.

Mitch Albom the author of the memoir concisely summarizes his daughter’s narrative and the tragic reality of losing a young daughter to a fatal sickness.

Story of Chika

The devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010 and left over 100,000 dead still sends chills down people’s spines.

Just a few days prior to the catastrophic earthquake, Chika was born. Although her family did survive the disaster, their home was destroyed by the earthquake, leaving them destitute.

Unfortunately, Chika’s mother passed away while giving birth two years later. After the incident, Chika was adopted by Albom’s Have Faith Haiti Mission orphanage.

She received a brain tumor diagnosis a few years later. Albom noted in a statement to Fox 2 that

She has a mass on her brain, and no one in Haiti can help her, according to the two-sentence report that was returned.

The author brought her to the USA in quest of treatment because there was little chance of saving her life there. They became close throughout the course of treatment, according to Albom, and he and his wife, Janine, adopted Chika. The two-person family later grew to three, with Chika being the first kid.

Chika was only seven years old when she lost away on April 7, 2017, despite the pair’s nearly two years of searching for a solution.

Additionally, Albom said that Chika taught him to put his children before himself in a talk with People.

“I miss her inquiry and her spirit. I miss her screaming at the squirrels she saw in the trees out the window. She used to make up song lyrics, which I miss. Albom stated that he deeply missed his daughter.

Finding Chika, a book written by Albom about his daughter’s existence and the happiness of her childhood, was released on November 5, 2019.

Mitch Albom Married Life

His wife, Jenine Sabino, has been one of his most important supporters throughout his life’s journey. She has always been by his side and has helped him in both professional and personal matters.

Since 1995, Janine and Albom have been wed. They also have two children, Siem and Manno, who are their biological offspring. 2019 saw their two children as sophomores at Madonna University.

Manno and Siem acquired the trait of helping others by watching their parents commit their life to rescue the lives of defenseless youngsters. In light of that, Manno said to CBS,

I’d like to return to Haiti. You know, I’ve seen kids living on the ground on the streets. And I’m broken by this. However, kind of give me the courage to work hard and achieve everything I can here.

More About Albom and His Net Worth

Albom, 63, is the son of Rhoda and Ira Albom. The mother of the New Jersey-born man, who had two brothers growing up, passed away in 2015. Then, tragically, Albom lost his father after a few years.

When it comes to his education, the author received his sociology degree from Brandeis University in Massachusetts. He then became passionate about journalism and wrote columns for numerous publications, including SPORT magazine, GEO, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Parade magazine, and others.

Albom has also written ten books, the combined sales of which total more than 34.9 million. Albom is thought to have a net worth of $10 million as a result of his remarkable career path.

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