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On her morning show, Mimi Jung, a well-known television newswoman, and anchor for King 5, recently discussed her divorce from her ex-husband Greg Inglin and discussed how tough it had been for her to disclose she was divorced.

Despite the challenges of terminating her marriage, she feels like the world’s luckiest mother because of her two girls.

Mimi Jung Opens Up About Her Divorce

Jung, who had always kept her personal affairs private, has never made a public announcement at the end of her marriage to Greg. But she just discussed her divorce on an episode of her morning show with co-anchor Jake Whittenberg.

She had not intended to discuss her personal situation, but as she was covering the recent news of Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce, she was unable to stop thinking about the erroneous perception that often results from divorce.

On May 5, she posted a brief clip from the show to Instagram along with a lengthy statement that profoundly expressed her feelings. She penned,

It took me a while to even disclose that I was divorced. I would get a knot in my throat and start crying just thinking about the topic. The stigma, shame, and guilt associated with divorce made it challenging for her to accept her new identity as well as herself and her life, she continued.

Although the exact date of their divorce is unknown, Jung married Greg in Lakewood, Washington, at the age of 29, in a stunning outdoor ceremony. Together, the two have two beautiful girls who routinely post on Jung’s social media accounts.

Mimi Jung Instagram Posts Of Her Daughters

The highlights of Jung’s life are her daughters. She is committed to providing them with the greatest life possible and raising them to be good individuals.

The pleased mother’s social media photos clearly display how close-knit she and her daughters are. She recently shared a video on her social media accounts showing how happy her teenage daughter was to receive her first COVID vaccination. In the video, the adolescent discussed how her experiences may represent her future.

Similarly, she posted a sweet message from her 10-year-old while at work in one of her Twitter tweets. I apologize for waking you up last night, the text said. Really, you made it easy for me to sleep. I’m sorry you slept a little less than usual, but I’m grateful I have you as my mother to comfort me.

Jung was unable to control her tears as she read her daughter’s tender words. It makes sense why she considers her girls to be her greatest achievements in life.

What Is Her Current Relationship Status?

The news anchor hasn’t made her dating status known to the general public. Furthermore, since the divorce, there hasn’t been any information on her romantic relationships.

However, one of her Instagram postings over the past month may have caused some misunderstanding regarding her romantic life. She shared a photo of herself taken in a Washington wheat field that was wide open and green. “You know you’ve found the one when you can sit in a car for 9 hours, traveling across the state, and you don’t even get weary of talking to each other,” she added in the description of the photo.

She doesn’t say who she was with, but it seems suspicious anyway.

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