Who is Mimi Faust? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Although Mimi Faust is most known for her participation in the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, she is also the proprietor of the cleaning and estate clearing company Keep It Clean, Inc.

Mimi Faust is primarily recognized for her connections to some of the most well-known musicians, but she is also well-known for other things. She is a businesswoman who is working to create a successful line of children’s clothing.

Despite the fact that her net worth has not yet been disclosed, it is assumed that she has amassed a sizeable sum for herself.

Mimi Faust Age, Birthday

The third of January is Mimi Faust’s birthday each year. Her actual name is Oluremi James, and she was born in Newport News, Virginia, in 1970.

She strongly feels that one should never attempt to bleach their color or change the texture of their hair in order to be someone they are not because she is extremely proud of her ethnicity and skin tone. Mimi, who is gorgeous and confident, is 49 years old and is 5 feet 8 inches tall (1.73 meters).

Due to the lack of unconditional affection from her original parents, Mimi’s childhood was not like that of an ordinary child. Olaiya Odufunke, Mimi’s mother, chose Scientology over her kids and left Mimi behind. After this episode, Mimi developed self-reliance and refused to sign a contract with the Church, despite her mother’s intermittent insistence.

Mimi learned she was the product of an affair and her father was not who she thought he was after her mother and she divorced. She then embarked on a search to locate her birth father, who she later discovered to be an artist from upstate New York whom she had first met when she was in her mid-twenties. The father and daughter became quite close and had a wonderful relationship.

The happy ending was cut short, though, when her father passed away in 2014 for an unspecified reason.

As if her life wasn’t already giving her the boot, Mimi was shot during her home invasion in May 2019. She acknowledged how distressing the event was. The identity and method of entry of the suspected attacker are yet unknown. The shooter’s motivation is also not well understood.

Relationships and Daughter

Most people know Mimi Faust for her friendship with Grammy Award-winning producer and artist Stevie J. The couple had been together for a very long time—15 years, to be exact. In the past, Mimi has been a huge supporter of Stevie. The two even had a daughter together named Eva Jordan, who was born in 2009.

When Mimi found Stevie having an affair with artist Joseline Hernandez, the pair broke up in 2012. Stevie began openly dating Joseline after his separation from Mimi. Joseline gave birth to Stevie’s second daughter, and the two of them also ended their relationship.

Stevie is currently wed to American actress and musician Faith Evans. Mimi admitted that she was happy for both Stevie and her husband when questioned about their wedding.

Mimi didn’t give up on love after dealing with a cheating partner and began dating Nikko London, a fellow musician. When Mimi’s sex tape with Nikko was made public in 2014, it was later discovered that everything had been staged for profit. Mimi received roughly $30,000 from the tape’s sales.

The relationship between Mimi and Nikko also had its ups and downs, and the two eventually broke up. Mimi now gets along well with both of her ex-boyfriends and harbors no ill will toward any of them.

Mimi Faust In A Lesbian Relationship With Girlfriend!

Mimi Faust came out as a lesbian after spending years attempting to maintain happiness in turbulent relationships with men.

She is presently enjoying a fulfilling romantic relationship with a woman. Tamera Young, a professional basketball player, is the person Mimi Faust is presently dating and much in love with.

Mimi and Tamera frequently share photos of themselves together on social media, proving their love for one another.

When Mimi and Tamera shared a photo on National Girlfriend Day, some users sent homophobic remarks. However, the couple responded to the commenter as a unit.

Mimi and Tamera are deeply in love, and it appears that Mimi has finally found the one!

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