Who is Mike Woods? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Fox’s outstanding meteorologist Mike Woods revealed to his audience in 2018 that he had prostate cancer. In an effort to raise awareness of the ailment, the health and fitness enthusiast Woods discussed his experience dealing with the difficult circumstance at the age of fifty on his show Good Day.

Mike Woods Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

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Mike Woods had prostate cancer despite his dedication to fitness and health may have surprised some people. Not to mention that even Woods himself found the news startling.

The meteorologist made the decision to be open with his viewers in 2018 by addressing his troubling position on the Fox5 morning show Good Day.

He added that he had his yearly physical and that, regrettably, the results weren’t in his favor; he had been identified with prostate cancer.

Further touching on the subject, Woods revealed that he spoke with Dr. Oz in order to educate the audience about prostate cancer and treatment options.

Woods was aware of the likelihood that prostate cancer would eventually affect him due to the fact that the disease ran in his family and had previously claimed the lives of his grandpa, father, and uncle. And because of this, the meteorologist routinely had himself checked out and made preparations before it was too late.

Genetic factors, however, caught him off guard just after he reached fifty, despite his remarkably good health and the absence of any risk factors that could have contributed to the disease.

With his health restored following surgery in 2018, Woods celebrated his first cancer-free year in 2019 with Fox5 and went on to share his talk with Dr. Oz about his recovery process. The meteorologist is now cancer-free and back to his regular exercise regimen.

Mike Woods’ Career at Fox and Net Worth

Woods started working for Fox as a meteorologist in 2001, and a few years later, he was promoted to morning meteorologist on the Fox5 morning show Good Day.

Throughout his tenure with the network, the adored meteorologist has covered a number of dramatic weather events. His weather forecast for Hurricane Irene is the most remarkable. He delivered 72 hours of live broadcasting.

Given his successful meteorology profession, it is not unexpected that he has a seven-figure net worth. Although the precise amount is yet unknown, a source estimates that he makes over $90,000.

Short Bio: Age, Gay Rumor, Relationship Status

Woods, a native of Sacramento, is in his early 50s, yet the muscular hunk doesn’t even appear that old. Thanks to his physical fitness, he was able to survive a fatal malignancy.

Additionally, the kind-hearted Woods is interested in charitable work and has raised over $10,000 through Team In Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

In terms of his romantic involvement, Woods hasn’t officially stated that he’s been in a relationship and is currently single. He was apparently spotted in gay bars in New York, leading to the idea that he was gay. But the rumor is untrue until he discusses his sexuality or connection with someone directly.

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