Who is Michael Bivins? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

American musician and rapper Michael Lamont Bivins, also known as Michael Bivins, is well-known. Bivins is best known for his successful songs and raps, but he is also a founding member of the renowned bands R&B New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe.

Early Life

Shirley and Gerard Bivins welcomed Michael Bivins into the world on August 10, 1968, in the Boston region of Massachusetts, United States. Bivins started preparing for his career at a young age, despite the fact that little is known about his early life.

Robert Bivins Height, Weight

As of 2022, Michael Bivins will be 54 years old. He was born on August 10, 1968. He weighs 85 kg and stands 1.68 meters tall.


In addition to being an active participant in both organizations, Bivins had invested a large amount of time in production. In addition, he has held a variety of other posts. Because of his reputation for modesty, Bivins prefers to support his coworkers more and typically works behind the scenes.

Other two groups that can be attributed to Michael Bivins are 702, Another Terrible Creation, and Boyz 11 Men. Together with the previously named artists, Bivins also performs for MC Brains. Bivins is well-known in the music business as a distinguished A&R businessman.

Because of his huge popularity, Michael Bivins also made movie appearances. His work in the well-known movie “Friday After Next” received a lot of positive reviews. Philip Michaels’ voice in the popular video game “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” was also performed by him for the CSR 103.9 radio station.

Moreover, Bivins made an appearance in the most current Heart Attack movie, “Crossover.” His management duties now extend to “Creating Brand 4,” where he provides guidance on artist growth.

Michael Bivins’ name and identification as the former CEO and founder are clearly displayed in the company’s well-known title, Sporty Rich Enterprises.

Bivins recorded his debut album while still a functioning member of Bell Biv DeVoe. The album’s success plagued his opponents and adversaries from all sides, despite the fact that he had numerous offers in the future.

He managed to hold a media interview via virtual communication while suffering from chickenpox in another episode of his devotional journey.

Michael Bivins Honors And Achievements

Michael Bivins has experienced tremendous success and popularity. Also, he has garnered praise from a huge number of admirers and followers all around the world. Mo’ Money, which was officially released in 1992, won the coveted ASCAP Cinema and Television Music Awards in 1993, honoring Michael Bivins’ achievement and labor of love.

Michael Bivins’s Net Worth

For his contributions to the music industry, Michael Bivins is the most well-known. He has also shown his adaptability in different contexts. Bivins and New Edition have worked together on a number of well-known albums. He also published Home Again during their cooperation, which brought in a staggering $2,100,000 for him in 1996. Prior to this, his 1993 record Hootie Mack reportedly earned him an estimated $500,000, putting his estimated net worth as of 2022 at $50 million.

It’s common to hear people describe Michael Bivins as a self-made man. By presenting numerous well-known genres and scoring songs on his own, Bivins has shone in the music industry and attained unimaginable success, which is still a dream for many struggling artists. He has millions of fans and followers throughout the world because to his admirable humility.

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