Who is Meredith Masony? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Let’s be real, then! Being a parent is not easy. Everyone faces their own unique set of challenges. Meredith Masony, the founder of That’s Inappropriate, feels the same way.

Meredith Masony, on the other hand, has discovered how to master parenting. She had to tackle the difficulties a lot, but doing so helped her build positive relationships with her husband and children.

Not to add that having her husband’s support has been crucial to her parenting path.

Who Is Meredith Masony Husband?

Dave is Masony’s husband, and he seldom ever shows up on any of her social media. Additionally, the couple has been wed for a while. Even though he appears to be missing from her Instagram pictures, Dave is actually the one who photographs the majority of Masony’s family events.

Masony’s fans hardly know anything about him because he spends most of his time hidden from view.

Masony further quoted the following when discussing her understanding of hubby in an interview:

“He really does exist. He does, in fact, work. He and I both work. The podcast is made by him. Our parenting website is maintained by him. A lot of the work is done by him. Then, usually, throughout a typical year, he is here with the kids when I’m away.”

A Mother of Three

Masony is the proud mother of three children—a daughter and two sons—no matter how hectic her motherhood path has been.

Her social media posts make clear how much she adores her children.

Her oldest son, Matias Masony, is a teenager who is presently a high school student, according to her Instagram.

Brian Masony, her middle kid, is a fourth-grader as well. Masony submitted a photo of Brian holding the A/B Honor Roll certificate he obtained for his outstanding performance at school on February 8, 2021.

Masony boasted about being a proud mother, but she also noted in the caption that her son, Brian, had mild cerebral palsy and was at risk for autism and learning impairments. Brian was diagnosed with these conditions when he was just 18 months old.

Brian was able to be the greatest version of himself despite his circumstances. Flaunting the happy occasion, she added in her letter:

“till age 5, he had leg braces. He now surfs and skateboards. Nearly every day, he pushes me over the edge. He impresses me and having him as a son has taught me so much. Given the circumstances, I’m pleased with him for doing so well this year.”

Sophia Masony, who turned 12 in 2021, is also among her youngest children.

Masony’s Blogging Journey

At the age of 34, Meredith received the news that an esophageal tumor was developing in her abdomen. She attributes her new outlook on life to the tumor.

Her website states that the tumor diagnosis forced her to confront her death and gave her the inspiration for the blog. She penned,

“A week before the surgery, I made an inventory of my life while sobbing in bed. I had three children after marrying my soul partner, but I hadn’t made an impact on the world.”

In an effort to have a greater impact on the world, she started the blog That’s Inappropriate in 2014, where she documents her experience becoming a parent. Her audience responded most to the unfiltered honesty of her struggle, and as a result, her online network has grown to one million people.

She has also written books like Scoop the Poop and Ask Me What’s For Dinner One More Time to inform parents and assist them in navigating the challenges of parenting.

In addition, she shares hosting duties for the My Name is NOT Mom program with Tiffany Jenkins and Dena Blizzard. The group frequently traveled for the show’s cross-country tour.

Masony is currently on tour through Atlanta, and a few more performances are planned for the near future.

Moreover, she must have amassed a sizeable net worth through her successful career as a public figure given her enormous online following and on-demand tours.

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