Who is Mayeli Alonso? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Mayeli Alonso, a wealthy businesswoman, and makeup artist is seeing Jesus Mendoza after divorcing Mexican musician Lupillo Rivera after ten years of marriage.

End of the Decade-Long Marriage with Lupillo Revera

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Mayeli Alonso couple’s story began as a fairytale romance, but it ended brutally. Alonso and Revera had a daughter named Lupita and a son named L’Rey after being married in 2006.

News of the couple’s divorce filing after twelve years of marriage sparked media attention in 2018. According to reports, “irreconcilable differences” was listed as the couple’s separation cause in the split paper.

The precise cause of the divorce is unknown, but there have been reports that Alonso cheated on Revera, which have been theorized as the reason by a number of sites. According to a story, a close friend of the couple disclosed that Alonso’s suspected infidelity was the cause of the divorce.

On May 7, 2018, Alonso addressed the rumor of infidelity on her Instagram account and refuted it, writing, “This is nasty and I will not accept it.” In addition, she threatened legal action against anyone responsible for harming her reputation.

Alonso Cleared The Divorce-Related Rumors

The beauty blogger made the decision to come forward for an explanation as the weight of the false charge began to weigh heavily on her. Alonso clarified the situation surrounding her divorce from the musician in an interview with Univision.

Unexpectedly, she stated that the couple’s financial quarrel was the primary cause of their breakup. She also mentioned having signed a prenuptial agreement that guaranteed her nothing in the event of the couple’s divorce. They further started drifting apart after Alonso took over as the family’s financial provider.

She also mentioned that the intense quarrel that ended their relationship was a result of an “intimate game,” but she refrained from going into further detail. Overall though, she said the dispute made her angry and she left the house and emphasized that infidelity never happened.

Love Found Its Way

The beauty expert has moved on since her marriage came to an unhappy end and is now engaged to musician Jesus Mendoza.

Since they started dating in 2018, Alonso hasn’t held back from promoting their relationship on social media.

Additionally, the couple celebrated Christmas 2019 together, which Alonso revealed on Instagram and referred to as one of her favorite holidays ever.

Career and Net Worth

The Mexican beauty guru started out as a beauty blogger and has now evolved into a successful entrepreneur who runs two companies, Drama Queen and Evolution Fit.

Alonso launched her own cosmetics line called Drama Queen in 2014 to explore her love of makeup, while Evolution Fit is devoted to fitness and wellness.

According to her businesses, a source estimates Alonso’s net worth to be $500,000 as of 2021.

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