Who is Maurice DuBois? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

The name of the American television anchorman with four Emmy Awards is Maurice DuBois. Not only that, but the Associated Press also recognized him. In a similar vein, the National Association of Black Journalists gave him a Trailblazer Award. It simply demonstrates how effective he is at his profession because he has won so many major honors. He truly is among the best at what he does. His life can therefore serve as an example for many budding artists.

A person’s career is essential to them. So, to succeed in it is a tremendous accomplishment. And Maurice DuBois unquestionably has attained this feat. He started off his career at King-TV in Seattle as a desk assistant. After that, he worked at WFLD-TV and KCRA-TV as an anchor and reporter. He then worked at WNBC-TV for seven years. Additionally, he filled in as a news reader on NBC News Today.

He began working as an anchor for CBS television network’s WCBS-TV in September 2004. He has covered local news as part of his normal employment as well as the inauguration of Pope Benedict XVI, the passing of Pope John Paul II, and the spread of AIDS in South Africa.

Maurice earns a respectable income of $74,000 as a CBS anchor. He hasn’t revealed his wealth, though. But judging by his pay, he may have amassed a million dollars in wealth.

Along with being quite professional, he also participates in volunteer work. He has received numerous honors, about which we have already spoken in the past, for his excellent journalism work.

Maurice Dubois Wife, Children

One will see his personal side once they are away from the television. He is a family man in his own right. He is a married man who is a wonderful spouse in addition to being a brilliant writer. Andrea DuBois and he were wed on August 13, 2001.

The newlyweds decided to spend their honeymoon in Southern France.

On September 11, 2001, nevertheless, they were returning from their honeymoon when the captain stated midway through the flight that a strange scenario had caused the U.S. airspace to be closed, forcing a return to Paris.

The couple and the other travelers learned about the enormous blasts in Lower Manhattan after they arrived in Paris.

Additionally, after learning of the dire circumstances, he threw himself into the air at Channel 4 as Jane Hanson and anchor Chuck Scarborough was receiving a live progress update. He and his wife were sobbing openly as they witnessed the scene in their village. After the terrible incident, they resumed their regular lives and went back to their hometown.

The pair carried on with their personal and professional lives while continuing to live their daily lives and being proud parents of two sons.

He and his partner are currently taking excellent care of their family. Living in Manhattan is this one content family.

Maurice Short Bio

The day of Maurice Dubois’ birth was August 20, 1965. Given this information, we can state that he is currently 53 years old. Although his parents were immigrants from Dominica, he was born in New York.

He attended Port Jefferson High School when he was younger, and he then attended Northwestern University to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Journalism. In pictures, he unmistakably resembles someone of Afro-American ancestry.

His physical characteristics, such as his dark skin, full lips, and curly hair, do not conceal his ancestry. However, when we looked further into his appearance and tried to locate details like his height and weight, we were unsuccessful. Similar to how it hasn’t been stated anywhere regarding his religion as reality, But we’re presuming he’s got to be a Christian.

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