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Mark Dixon, the CEO, and founder of IWG (previously Regus) had to deal with a setback of £28.7 million, but it wasn’t due to his failure on the job; rather, it was a failure in his marriage.

Given that Mark had to pay his ex-wife £28.7 million as part of the divorce settlement, Dixon ended up with a fortune of £360 million.

Who was Mark Dixon’s spouse?

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In 1987, Mark dated journalist Trudi Groves, who was a partner in a local newspaper at the time. When Trudi was making £8,000 a year and Mark was working as a hotdog van driver, they first met.

They were wed in St. Albans in 1988. When describing his early years as a hotdog and bread business owner, Mark said,

“It had a negative impact on my social life. I spent the entire night awake on the stand and smelled like an onion.”

Following the wedding, Mark sold his bakery for about £1 million. He then used the funds to launch his new business, which soon began leasing out fully operational offices. It was such a huge success that at one point the value of his shares was £1.4 billion.

In order for Mark to manage the US division of the company, the couple sold their mansion in Virginia Water, Surrey, and relocated to Connecticut with their kids Savannah and Joshua.

Mark had three additional kids from prior relationships before he met Trudi.

However, their relocation to Connecticut caused relationship problems that ultimately resulted in the couple filing for divorce.

The divorce was kept a secret from Mark’s wife and Trudi’s parents, John and Shirley Groves. When discussing their separation, Trudi’s father said:

As far as we knew, they got along just great. We haven’t heard of any issues.

Mark has been silent about his divorce and the involvement of others up until this point.

Despite Dixon’s divorce, Mark and his five kids lead an opulent lifestyle.

Mark Dixon’s Net worth

The son of a mechanic, Mark was born in November 1959. He attended Essex’s Rainsford High School in England.

At age 16, he left school and started Dial-A-Snack, a sandwich delivery service using a butcher’s bike.

Before becoming the founder and CEO of IWG, formerly known as Regus, Mark worked as a logger and an encyclopedia salesman.

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More than 110 nations currently offer access to the company’s meeting rooms, office space rented by the hour, virtual offices, and coworking facilities.

IWG was valued at £2 billion at the time, and Mark became a billionaire thanks to his 60 percent ownership.

Additionally, Mark has recently acquired the 150-acre Kingscote Estate winery in West Sussex, which he apparently believes will become “a new frontier for wine.”

Office real estate is Mark’s principal source of income, and it certainly pays him well.

As of 2021, Mark Dixon’s net worth was estimated by Forbes to be $1.6 billion.

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