Who is Manny MUA? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Women are always thought to be proud of their makeup, but it’s rare to encounter males who like it as much as women do.

However, in the modern environment, some guys are unafraid to use makeup, and some have even made a successful profession out of it. One of those individuals is Manny Gutierrez, a prominent American makeup artist known as Manny MUA.

After observing his mother apply her makeup, he toyed with his own kid’s makeup. He eventually converted his hobby into a legitimate business and launched his YouTube channel in 2014 to show the world his artistic talent.

Manny MUA’s Net Worth

After working at MAC and Sephora to start his career, Manny launched his own YouTube channel in 2014.

Along with Ofra Cosmetics on lip products, Makeup Geek on an eye-shadow palette, and Jeffree Star Cosmetics on two highlighters and two lipsticks, he also worked with many other well-known companies. He and YouTuber Shayla Mitchell were both named as Maybelline brand ambassadors later in 2017.

Aside from working with well-known artists, James is still successful on YouTube, where he frequently shares beauty advice, cosmetic tutorials, and first impressions. As of right now, the channel has over 4.8 million subscribers.

There is no doubt that Manny has a million-dollar net worth as a result of his accomplishment.

Coming Out As Gay

James was aware of his differences from other boys from an early age. When he was little, he preferred playing with girls over boys.

He was drawn to boys in junior high, but the idea of liking boys made him feel frightened. He knew the Mormon church was not for gays, so he prayed every night to quit liking boys.

When Manny started using MySpace at the age of 16, a guy started communicating with him. Manny studied the man’s profile as his attraction to him grew over time and saw that he was bisexual. He came into contact with bisexuals in this way.

His parents first learned he was gay when he was 17 years old after reading texts on his laptop. His parents sent him to counseling after learning the truth in an effort to mitigate the disadvantages of being gay. He was aware that counseling was ineffectual even after six months, and he felt despondent as a result of the futile therapy. His parents eventually accepted his sexuality and terminated the counseling as a result.

Manny eventually began to accept him for who he was, and it was a great experience for him when he kissed a male for the first time in college.

He now happily accepts his sexual orientation.

Manny MUA Age, Brother & Mom

Manny, who was born on April 4th, 1991, was raised in San Diego, California. He is the family’s firstborn child and the older of his two siblings, Nick and Aaron. While his second brother is four years older than his third brother Aaron, he is four years younger than his second brother Nick.

Manny attended church regularly as a child and as an adult. His mother’s side of the family, which includes both of his parents, is entirely Mormon, but his father’s side is less religious.

Being the oldest, Manny always made his parents, cousins, and siblings happy during his youth. He received straight As in high school. 28-year-old Manny graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree.

Manny MUA Boyfriend, Dating

In November 2016, Manny dated Patrick Starr before. Even though they later admitted they weren’t getting married and the photos were only an introduction to the wedding makeup series, he still released a couple of images of them in front of a wedding minister. They are no longer together, although Manny has not revealed the precise cause of their breakup.

The actor Brandon Flynn is someone he fantasizes about dating, but he is not currently in a committed relationship.

Despite frequently using the word “boyfriend” in his tweets, he keeps his romantic relationships a secret.

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