Who is Louis Rossmann? Net Worth, Bio, Relationship, Nationality, Instagram, Height, Age

Louis Rossmann

Who is Louis Rossmann?

If you offer apple products, you should look into Louis Rossmann. Rossman is a YouTube personality as well as a professional repair technician specializing in Apple products. After creating his YouTube channel, Louis Rossman, on June 28, 2017, Louis became popular.

To fix things, he’s started live streaming on other platforms like Twitch and Vimeo. He’s also the owner of Rossmann Repair Group Inc., a company situated in New York City, New York. In conclusion, Louis Rossmann believes in the “Right to Repair.” On this page, you can learn about his personal life as well as his net worth.

Is Louis Rossmann Married or Unmarried?

Erica is in a relationship with Louis Rossmann. Rossmann’s girlfriend has appeared in several of his videos. As of this writing, Erica can be seen in the video “Louis Rossmann says hello.”

Although it is unclear when the couple started dating, they appear to be enjoying themselves.

Quick Facts

Birth Date November 19, 1988
Full Name Louis Rossmann
Birth Name Louis Anthony Rossmann
Profession YouTuber
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth City New York City
Birth Country America
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Scorpio
Marital Status Dating
Height 182 cm

Rossmann’s Net Worth 2022/2023

The self-titled YouTube channel of Louis Rossmann produces a substantial income. By 2022, he is expected to have a net worth of $1 million. According to Social Blade, Rossmann has predicted monthly profits of $4.1 thousand to $65.1 thousand and annual earnings of $48.8 thousand to $781 thousand. As of February 2021, his Education-related YouTube channel had 1.52 million subscribers.

He primarily provides videos and instructions on his channel about repairing and maintaining cell phones and laptops. Apple repairs are expensive, which is a sad truth of Apple’s many engineering errors. Why? are some of his most popular videos on YouTube. What causes the greatest sense of powerlessness? “APPLE’S NEXT RECALL: Unibody Macbook Pros and How to Fix Them 12th ” in 2008-2009 The 2015 A1534 Macbook logic board, for example, failed prematurely. Ad placement on his YouTube videos earns him an average of $3 every 1000 views. As a result, it’s safe to infer Louis is making a tidy profit from YouTube.

Merchandise Sales Important Aspects For Business

Similarly, Louis makes a respectable life by selling items and placing advertisements on his videos. His online store is called Rossmann Repair Group, Inc.

The goods range in price from $10 to $500 for each item. His product includes custom T-shirts, stickers, hardware parts, prints, and other items. Through his website, Louis Rossmann also provides services such as iPhone screen repair, iPhone data recovery, Mac computers, and hard drive data recovery. After accounting for all of his sources of income, Louis Rossmann’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million.

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