Who is Loren Larson? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Jimmy Swaggart Ministries welcomed Loren Larson, the college’s president, as a student in 1987. Larson has since served in a variety of Jimmy Swaggart Ministry departments, including the FWC Choir, FWC Prison Ministry, and the JSM music program. Through several shows and podcasts, Loren Larson has also been boosting his net worth.

Loren Larson’s Family: Wife, Three Daughters & One Son Now Extends

At the age of 29, Loren Larson wed Hannah Thomas Larson on May 20, 1989. Both Loren and his wife share a commitment to serving the Lord and a set of core principles.

Together, three daughters and a son belong to Loren and Hannah. Their son is Joseph, and their daughters are Joy, Grace, and Rachel. In addition to having a deep love and appreciation for his family, Loren treats every moment spent with them as a gift from God.

With their religious beliefs and knowledge of the Lord, Loren and his wife have nurtured their children. Every one of Loren’s children may be seen participating in their roles to assist at the Church as they are frequently pictured celebrating Christmas with him and his family.

Joy Larson, her husband Stephen, and their two grandchildren spend Christmas at a church in Tampa, Florida, working with the youth. Now that all of Loren’s children are married and have added new members to their families, the family is growing.

With his wife, Grandpa Loren is creating a solid and stable family and instilling in his grandchildren the same traditions and values that his children learned.

How did Loren Larson Lose His Hand? Loren Larson’s Wiki / Bio

On May 27, 1959, Loren Larson was born. Growing up, Loren had a firm faith in God and respected religious practices and customs. When Larson was younger and employed at a textile factory, a machine malfunctioned. He lost his right hand as an electric current pushed it into the machine.

Loren joined the Jimmy Swaggart Bible Ministry in 1987 while pursuing his education as a student at Jimmy Swaggart Bible College. He then moved on to the FWC Prison Ministry, the FWC Choir, and the JSM music program, and in 1997 he was chosen to serve as the president of Jimmy Swaggart Bible College.

In addition to his duties as a professor and an associate pastor at the Family Worship Center, Brother Jimmy Swaggart’s teaching show The Message of the Cross features Brother Loren as a regular panelist. Larson regularly participates in the SonLife Broadcasting Network program A Study in the Word.

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