Who is Lenedra Carroll? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Renowned American author and businesswoman Lenedra Carroll. She is also a vocalist who has recorded a number of songs, including Love Is, La Chapelle, and Return To Innocence. Lenedra gained popularity after the releases of her songs Beyond Words in 2007 and Dawn Song in 2009.

The singer is also a founding member of the Higher Ground for Humanity foundation. Lenedra Carroll lengthy career as a vocalist has generated a sizable $30 million in net worth for her.

Lenedra Married To Husband

After moving to Homer, Alaska with her parents, Lenedra Carroll met Atz Kilcher, her ex-husband. Lenedra and her husband were married in the late 1960s after they had been dating for some time.

The husband-and-wife team was content with their lives when they made the decision to expand their family. They tried to get pregnant, but Lenedra lost the baby in less than a year due to abrupt crib death. Although the tragedy was difficult to endure, the couple persevered through it as a unit. In 1969, Lenedra and Atz were able to successfully give birth to Shane Kilcher, their first child.

After that, they had Jewel, their second daughter, in 1974, but had to experience a life-or-death scenario while giving birth to her. Lenedra and Jewel nearly died while Lenedra was giving birth because a nurse put an oxygen mask on Lenedra but failed to switch on the air. Fortunately, Atz saw it and prevented his wife and child from dying.

In 1977, Lenedra and her husband welcomed Atz Lee, their second kid. Despite having a happy family life, Atz and Lenedra made the decision to be divorced because of a conflict of interest. Several people were greatly shocked, but Atz and Lenedra both felt that it would be best for them and the kids.

Atz was given custody of the kids but failed to do a decent job raising them since he developed alcoholism and was an aggressive father, which particularly hurt Jewel. After the divorce, Lenedra’s connection with the kids wasn’t particularly good either.

But after a while, Lenedra took over the management of her singing daughter, who went on to co-found Higher Ground for Humanity.

The family has moved on and now coexists peacefully.

Lenedra Carroll Wiki-Bio

According to her biography, Lenedra Carroll was born in 1950 in an Alaskan town. She and her three siblings were raised as Mormons by her parents, Jasper Jewel Carroll and Arva Carroll.

Lenedra, now 67, moved around a lot during her youth and adolescence. When she was a little child, her parents first relocated to the interior of Alaska before making their way to the island of Wrangell. After a while of residing in Wrangell, Alaska, they later relocated to Seward.

Finally, she relocated to Homer, Alaska, with her parents. Lenedra developed her wilderness survival skills while acclimating to her new environment; she credits her upbringing in Alaska for deepening her connection to the natural world.

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