Who is Laurieann Gibson? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Canadian choreographer Laurieann Gibson is well known for her collaborations with numerous well-known musicians, including Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj.

Laurieann Gibson asserts that the stars wouldn’t regret letting her perform her job without interfering because she thinks she is excellent at it. She is undoubtedly one of the greatest in the group given that she received the Best Choreography prize for Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.

Laurieann concentrates on her physical appearance in order to maintain her reputation as an artist. She even underwent plastic surgery and dropped weight to enhance her appearance. During an interview with Essence on October 7, 2015, she even advised women to never leave the house without lip gloss since she cares so much about their appearance.

In addition to emphasizing inner beauty, Laurieann also believes in the power of unconditional love. There aren’t many individuals in the field that don’t like her because she strives to avoid passing judgment on others and herself.

Laurieann Gibson Mysterious Married Status

Although Laurieann has an outgoing personality, she tries to keep her private affairs private, which makes matters pertaining to her marriage more difficult to understand.

Andre Harrell, a well-known producer, and Laurieann are supposedly married. However, no proof of their nuptials or marriage has ever been found. Additionally, she has kept her marriage life a secret, which has left her followers wondering for years.

Instead, Laurieann identified herself as single in a tweet that was sent on April 23, 2009.

Further confounding matters, Laurieann claimed to have never been married in an interview with Essence on October 7, 2015. She also admitted that, at the age of 46, she had never anticipated herself alone without a husband and children.

Well, Andre was purportedly quoted as gay by the Choke No Joke immediately after Laurienne made it plain that her marriage to him never took place. Additionally, it has come to light that Andre has a son by the name of Gianni, which supports the notion that Laurieann did not pretend to be Andre’s parent.

There hasn’t been any recent information regarding Laurieann’s dating. She might be single at the moment and looking for the ideal man to propose to.

Laurieann Gibson’s Biography

According to her biography, Laurieann was born in 1969 in Toronto, Canada. She turns 49 years old and celebrates her birthday every year on July 14.

Her parents, Bishop Gibson, and Marcia Gibson raised Laurieann. She and her parents are close. She also displays on social media how close she is to her parents.

For instance, Laurieann shared a photo of herself and her mother on Facebook on May 13, 2018. She wished her mum a happy mother’s day and referred to her as the best mother in the caption.

She also shared a photo of her deceased father on Facebook on June 17, 2018, expressing her unwavering love for him.

Her parents are Laurieann’s closest friends and she values them above all else. No matter how busy her schedule gets, she enjoys spending time with them. In fact, she once admitted in an interview that one of her pastimes is spending time with her loved ones.

Her Net Worth

Laurieann began her professional dance career. She gained notoriety after taking part in the MTV reality series Making The Band. She appeared as a lead in additional TV shows, including Starmaker and In the Living Color.

Laurieann makes a nice living as a choreographer with an annual pay of roughly $48 K. She has a $7.5 million net worth in total.

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