Who is Lana Zak? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Lana Zak, a CBS anchor and the child of mixed-race parents, explains how her long-distance love ended in marriage.

When telling her story to The New York Times, Lana discusses her husband and her wedding day.

Lana Zak: Early Life, Age, Wiki, Parents, Ethnicity

Lana Zak is from a mixed-ethnic household with a Polish father and a Korean mother, and she is most likely in her 40s.

Her father is a Roman Catholic, while her mother, Jane Michong Zak, is a Buddhist.

Lana was raised in America, where she acquired her schooling, despite being born in Korea.

The person of American nationality finished her master’s degree at Harvard University after finishing her bachelor’s degree at the University of Lowa.

She has been working as a journalist for more than ten years and is one of the most well-known in the nation.

Lana Zak Shares Her Love Story

Seth Andrew and Lana first connected during a Northwestern University summer debating program in Chicago.

At the time, Seth was ready to enter his senior year at Bronx High School and Lana was set to enter her final year at Bettendorf High School.

They were both in charge of their schools’ debate teams.

When they initially faced off in a debate, Lana prevailed in the discussion of American policy toward China, leaving Seth without a point.

Seth did feel some attraction because of Lana’s eloquence. She remembered, “Seth really attempted to woo me,” after digging through the recollection.

Despite continuing to communicate, the CBS anchor claimed that due to their distance, the couple’s relationship was somewhat difficult.

But Lana’s buddy Seth was so hesitant to advance their friendship that he flew to Lowa to pick her up for his senior prom.

His attempt to knock on Lana’s door, her mother remarked,

“When he showed up at the door, I said to Lana ‘He’s the one,’ and she said ‘No, he’s just a friend.’ I said ‘We’ll see.”

So her mother couldn’t have been correct, could she? On August 21, 2004, Lana and Seth got married after several years of dating.

The couple, who has been married for over ten years, has twins.

While everything in their personal life was going well, shocking information about Lana’s husband’s involvement in money fraud recently rocked the nation’s news networks.

Lana’s Husband Arrested for Fraud

Seth Andrews was arrested on April 27, 2021, for money laundering, and CNBC broke the news.

Former Obama White House education adviser Seth allegedly stole 218 005 dollars from his own self-founded public charter school network and was apprehended at his $2 million mansion in New York City.

Seth was accused of money laundering, wire fraud, and defrauding a financial institution by making false statements after tracing every piece of evidence against him.

Later, during a court hearing, Seth received a 500 000 dollar personal recognizance bail release order.

Despite the fact that Lana was not detained in connection with the fraud case, she and her husband are currently prohibited from leaving New York City according to the conditions of the bond.

Lana is still handling the situation while hosting her regular CBS News programs.

Lana’s Journey to CBS

The journalist who won an Emmy is known for her 14 years of collaboration with ABC before joining CBS.

In 2006, she began working for ABC as a reporter and producer. She worked her way up and eventually settled in Washington, DC, as a political correspondent.

The news anchor departed ABC in January 2020 to become a news anchor for CBS after gaining years of experience.

Given her expertise and excellence in her line of work, the multi-award winning anchor also likely receives a yearly income of above $70,00.

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