Who is Keone Madrid? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

The well-known American dancer Keone Madrid is well-known for his Keone and Mari YouTube channel. He is also well-known for choreographing well-known Kpop artists, like BTS, 2NE1, Taeyang, and others. Keone also had an appearance in Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself music video.

Here are some fascinating wikis about Keone Madrid age, ethnicity, relationship with his parents, net worth, and information about his relationship with his long-term girlfriend Mari Madrid, which has since evolved into marriage, in case the name doesn’t ring any bell.

Keone Madrid’s Net Worth

Keone spent 1.5 years in college, but throughout that time he also toured and taught dancing in many locations around the globe, catapulting his career to new heights.

Keone not only danced with organizations like Culture Shock San Diego, Formality, and Future Shock San Diego but also choreographed with the Choreo Cookies crew.

Beyond Babel, a theatrical dance production depicting the divide of families, friends, and a community as authorities choose to erect a wall between them, was also founded by Keone.

His prosperous profession has enabled him to achieve both global fame and a sizeable net worth.

Happily Married To Mari Madrid

Keone Madrid has won millions of fans’ hearts with his distinctive moves and endearing demeanor. But this attractive man is not a bachelor.

Keone and Mariel Madrid, his lifelong partner, have a happy marriage. On June 11, 2012, Keone and Mari, who also happens to be his dance partner, exchanged vows.

The two may have begun dating as a result of their shared love of dancing and interest in the activity. On their joint YouTube channel, Keone and Mari post videos.

The two lovebirds that work together on everything are Keone and Mari. Even after six years of marriage, they still appear unable to get enough of one another, whether they are dancing or traveling, which leads some people to question the existence of true love.

Keone and Mari, who have been married for a very long time, added to their joy on January 29, 2019, when they officially revealed they were expecting a baby girl. Keone and Mari are more than prepared to receive and spoil their first kid.

Keone Madrid Wiki – Age, Ethnicity

The 30th of June is Keone Madrid’s birthday each year. According to his wiki, Keone was born in 1988 and raised by his parents in San Diego, California. Kaila Madrid and Charina Madrid are his two siblings. Keone, who is American-born, identifies as Filipino-American.

Although Keone’s school history is largely unknown, it is known that he began dancing at the age of 15. Keone loved sports and played basketball for ten years, but dance eventually replaced sports as his new love.

Following an invitation from a friend to enroll in a dance class in high school, Keone’s love in dancing really began to take off. Then, to help him become one of the finest, he received classes from Rainen Paguio and Belle Paguio, the two top dancers.

The music videos for Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, N’Sync, and Usher helped Keone, 30, understand more about this genre of art.

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