Who is Keith Dewar? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Keith Dewar is well-known for his participation in Season 8 of the reality television program Married At First Sight, in which he wed Kristine Killingsworth. It is entertaining to marry a stranger and then fall in love after being tied down by marriage vows, which is not always simple, but these two lovers are getting along just well.

Despite the few disagreements and issues in Keith Dewar relationship that the show depicts, the couple appears to have worked things out and is still going strong today!

Keith Dewar Wiki – Age, Ethnicity & Parents

Keith Dewar was born in Philadelphia in 1990, where he also spent the majority of his youth. He was raised primarily by his grandmother as a result of his parent’s divorce when he was a little child. He does, however, think that growing up with a broken marriage taught him the genuine meaning of love and how difficult life can be if one is not sincere.

Keith, who is 29 years old, is secretive and hesitant to share details about his family, including his birthday and his parents’ names.

He is of American nationality and belongs to the African-American race. He works as a patient care technician with a focus on kidney dialysis. He is a sensitive individual who develops strong bonds with the patients he cares for.

Keith is unquestionably skilled at his work, and even if his exact net worth is unknown, one would assume that he makes a respectable income. Additionally, he received a compensation of almost $20,000 for his appearance on the television program Married At First Sight.

Wedding & Dating Details With Wife, Children

Keith made the decision to find love on the reality TV program Married At First Sight with Stephanie Sersen after being single for a while.

A 28-year-old African-American real estate agent called Kristine Killingsworth was Keith’s business partner. Knowing that Keith and Kristina had spent their entire lives within a few blocks of one another in the same neighborhood but had never crossed paths is stunning.

Before the wedding, they did not even know each other’s names, but they felt confident enough in the show’s creators and crew to tie the knot.

When Keith first saw his wife in the dress, he was astounded and immediately thought that the producers had brought the girl of his dreams to him. He anticipated spending more time with his bride and was certain that their marriage would succeed.

Keith and Kristine’s marriage, however, did not proceed quite as they had hoped. On the show, Kristine found it difficult to talk to Keith about herself since some of his actions made her think of her violent ex. She was apprehensive about the connection at the time and believed it would not last.

In addition, Keith and Kristine had different views on having children and working. Although the pair cherished children and intended to have them, Keith did not want to wait any longer because Kristine was not yet prepared for one. Before considering having children, Kristine thought she and her husband should be financially secure, but Keith did not want to be responsible for raising children when he was older.

The pair made the decision to remain together on the show despite their many differences. Keith may have had a lot of failed relationships while he was dating, but those times are definitely behind him now. The duo will likely appear on much more reality TV series in the future, according to Keith’s fans!

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