Who is Kate Merrill? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Kate Merrill is endowed with a pleasing voice and a confident demeanor that keep the viewers of WBZ-TV Boston enthralled in her program. Before joining WBZ-TV in March 2004, the Emmy-award-winning reporter held positions at WNBC-TV and WKRN-TV. She covered the news of the local tornado while working for WKRN-TV in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1999, Kate received an Emmy and two more accolades for her exceptional performance.

Kate Merrill has been working in the media field for nearly twenty years and is currently at the pinnacle of her profession. Kate, who is 34 years old, surely has a respectable $30K yearly wage. Her wage information is not amusing in light of her strong character and dedication to her work.

Kate Merrill Bio & Age

According to her biography, Kate Merrill was born on December 12th, 1984 in Carlisle, Massachusetts. She continued the career of her journalistic ancestor, the Boston Globe’s editor. On WBZ-TV, Kate once said that she was fortunate to have two fathers. She is quite close to her biological father and occasionally tweets about him.

Although Kate has kept her parents’ identities a secret, she occasionally writes about them on social media.

Susie Abromeit, Kate’s older sister and a well-known tennis player and actress, and Susie are very close. On her social media pages, Kate shared a photo congratulating her sister on the latest Netflix series A Perfect Christmas, in which she plays Cynthia Faber.

Kate Merrill completed her high school education at Concord-Carlisle and went on to Lafayette College.

Family – Wedding, Husband

Former NHL hockey player Mike Dunham and Kate Merrill are happily married. For approximately a year, Mike Dunham played hockey for the Delaware North, where he displayed his exceptional abilities. On May 27, 2000, Kate and Mike said their vows together.

On May 2, 2003, they welcomed their first daughter into the family, which brought them even more blessings. On May 21, 2007, the couple had their second daughter after four years. The girls are currently in grades seven and eleven, respectively. Kate displays her maternal love on all of her social media platforms and is extremely proud of both of her girls.

Outside of Boston, Kate is enjoying her marriage to her husband, two daughters, and a ten-month-old dog named Nimbus. Kate devotes her time to educating her children about moral principles outside of her employment. There is no doubt that the Merrill family is tight.

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