Who is Kat Stacks? Age, Net worth, Relationship, Height, Affair

Who is Kat Stacks?

Kat Stacks is a Venezuelan-American rapper, record artist, and blogger who is well-known for her contentious connection with a number of well-known hip-hop musicians.

What Ethnicity do Kat Stacks Belong to?

Andrea Herrera was Kat Stacks’ first name when she was born on November 2, 1989, in Venezuela. Her age as of 2020 is 31 years old, and her horoscope is Scorpio. Her parents were undocumented Venezuelan immigrants.

Kat is of Venezuelan-American descent and comes from a mixed ethnic background. She had a difficult childhood as a result of her parents’ illegal immigration to the United States. Kat was unable to attend school during her childhood due to familial circumstances.

She said that her working-class parents disregarded her, leading her down the wrong path. Because of her pimp, with whom she had a brief connection, she began working as a sex worker at the age of 14.

Facts of Kat Stacks

Full Name: Kat Stacks
Birth Date: November 2, 1989
Age: 32 years
Gender: Female
Profession: Rapper, Record artist, Blogger
Country: Venezuela
Horoscope: Scorpio
Height: 5 feet 7 inches (1.70m)
Break Up Lil Wayne
Net Worth $200k
Salary $30k
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Status Single
Nationality Venezuelan-American
Ethnicity Mixed
Kids TJ

How much Money do Kat Stacks make?

Kat Stacks has a net worth of roughly $200k as of 2019, which she acquired from her work as a rapper, record artist, and blogger. Her annual income is roughly $30,000.

Her book was also highly appreciated by the general public and generated a sizable profit, all of which contributes to her current net worth. Kat has performed in a few concerts over her life, and she may have received some compensation for her efforts.

She and her family are currently living a wealthy and affluent lifestyle. If she maintains her work, she will undoubtedly amass a sizable fortune.

Kat Stacks
Caption: Kat Stacks with Soulja Boy Photo: Amaru Don TV

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Is Kat Stacks Married or Unmarried? Son

Kat Stacks is not married, however, she is the proud mother of TJ, a kid from her former relationship with Pimp. She stated that she began seeing Prince when she was 14 years old, shortly after giving birth to her Pimp’s child.

Many people assumed Prince was the child’s father when Kat became pregnant at the age of 19. Despite the fact that she did not confirm any speculations when the news of her pregnancy became widespread in the media, she did not deny any of them. She later shared a photo of the boy with his father, who happened to be her pimp.

She later gave birth to her son and raised him as a single mother. She has also never revealed who her pimp was, although she has often stated that he was not her husband because he never truly married her.

The pimp, according to Kat, took joy in torturing her and forcing her to beg him while she cried. She later had a romantic involvement with Lil Wayne, an American rapper. She has also acknowledged having affairs with a number of other rappers, including Bow Wow and Nelly while attempting to break into the mainstream.

In 2016, she spent some quality time with Shanod Johnson, the owner, and promoter of HNIC Entertainment, and it’s been speculated that they’re dating. Both of them, however, never confirmed it. Despite her history of unsuccessful relationships, Kat seemed to have made time for her at the moment.

She hasn’t interacted with anyone in recent days and is content with her single status. Despite the fact that there are no definite rumors about her relationship status, she could possibly be in one.

Kat Stacks’ Height

Kat Stacks is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 57 kilograms. She has a strong physique. Kat’s hair and eyes are both dark brown.


Kat is also an author in addition to all of this. Becoming Kat Stacks, a book in which she spills the beans about her life as a sex worker was written by him. On November 26th, 2013, her book was released by Worldstar Publishing, LLC.


  • In her early years, Kat Stacks was involved in sex work.
  • She worked as a sex worker for the majority of her life.
  • She has since moved on from her past and is participating in various aspects of life as a musician.
  • She went so far as to leak her own sex tapes. Kat also uploaded some raunchy videos that revealed numerous hip-hop musicians’ and rappers’ bed secrets.
  • Karine Steffans, a former groupie, is commonly referred to as the second Karine Steffans.
  • She was a great internet success because the majority of her clientele were well-known rappers like Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, and other Cash Money crew members.
  • Kat joined the DREAM Act because of her proclivity for stirring up issues and rumors.
  • The group advocates for the rights of undocumented illegal immigrants who were brought to the US as children.

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