Who is Kahlana Barfield? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

People can find a woman from Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. in command and making an impact in everything from politics and business to fashion.

Kahlana Barfield Brown, an American journalist, is also one of these outstanding women. She is in charge of bringing the venerable women’s fashion publication into people’s homes.

She began her work as an intern at InStyle soon after graduating. She put forth a lot of effort during her internship to get to the position of Fashion and Beauty Editor-at-Large for the publication.

Later, she was given the opportunity to work there full-time and was given the ability to travel the world while conducting fashion shoots for well-known figures. Kahlana performed all of her obligations, which included writing in-depth stories and reporting live from the red carpet, with poise and curiosity.

She has already successfully established herself in the fashion sector. She is a renowned authority on fashion and beauty in this situation.

She also routinely heeds her recommendations as a self-proclaimed expert in fashion and cosmetics. She shows herself stylishly and at about average height. Her shining black hair enhances her beauty.

Kahlana offers motivational and uplifting talks to embrace women’s beauty while making frequent appearances on television programs like Today, Good Morning America, The View, Extra, and Entertainment Tonight.

She earns an average yearly salary of $81K as a TV correspondent. With the money she has accumulated, she may be living off a million-dollar net worth.

Kahlana Barfield Wedding / Husband

Kahlana and Dwayne Brown have a happy marriage.

At a West Indian Day parade in 2009, she first met her spouse. She wasn’t very excited to go there, but she agreed to go for her girlfriend. Fortunately, her trip was worthwhile since she found the love of her life on Brooklyn street.

Kahlana accepted Dwayne’s invitation to go out on a date right after their first encounter. She had a gut feeling on their first date that the man she had fallen in love with at first sight would become her husband.

The couple got engaged after five years of dating, and they soon exchanged wedding vows. Kahlana actually experienced the fairy-tale romance. All of the journalist’s life events—meeting her future spouse, falling in love, getting engaged, and getting married—took place in Brooklyn.

During her honeymoon, which she thoroughly loved with her husband, Kahlana became pregnant. On July 22, 2016, Kahlana and her husband received their lovely daughter, Dylan, giving happiness to the family.

Kahlana has performed her duties as a mother and a wife successfully. She displays photos of herself with her spouse and daughter on her Instagram page, clearly demonstrating how much she is enjoying her marriage.

Bio – Age, Family & Education

Kahlana, who was born on October 29, 1981, is an American citizen who identifies as African. She has never discussed her parents or her early years when talking about her family.

She did, however, indicate that her grandmother was a principal in the Seattle Public School District during an interview with coveteur.com. Kahlana also disclosed that her grandma took her grandchildren on a three-month summer tour across the country following her retirement.

She has carried with her throughout her entire life the memories of her grandmother and the wonderful trip.

Speaking of her schooling, Kahlana earned a B.A. in journalism from Howard University.

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