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Josh Blue, an American comedian who had been divorced for a while, discovered love again in 2017 when he started dating Mercy Gold. His Instagram posts also show how happy they are together.

Josh Blue’s Girlfriend

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According to Josh Blue social media accounts, Blue and Mercy allegedly started dating in 2017.

On December 15, 2017, the comedian declared his romance on Instagram officially by posting a monochromatic photo of himself and his girlfriend with the caption “Me and my darling woman.”

His “beautiful lady” has repeatedly made appearances on Blue’s social media. Recently, the two went on an exciting adventure at Paul Bunyan Land, and Blue shared their enjoyable experiences with his fans on Instagram. There is no doubt the two are immensely content with each other based on their social media appearances together.

Josh Blue’s First Marriage

The Last Comic Standing champion had been married to his ex-wife, Yuko Kubota, for almost six years prior to beginning a romance with Mercy. They got married sometime around 2008 and were wed till 2014.

Blue claimed that he fell in love with Yuko right away. But persuading her wasn’t simple. Blue had to travel to Japan to meet Yuko’s parents because they were Japanese.

Yuko was asked if she had told her parents about the stand-up comedian’s health condition, cerebral palsy, and she responded, “No, but I did tell them you were white.”

In addition, the comedian claimed the following about his ex-wife:

She is so deadpan, which is the thing about Yuku. She constantly makes me laugh because of how strangely she sees the world. Sometimes it’s cool to have a different perspective.

When the two decided to divorce in 2014, things appeared to have changed over time. Although the reason for their divorce hasn’t been revealed yet, Blue has made a few mentions of it on his social media accounts.

For instance, Blue responded to a comment on his divorce in one of his Instagram posts from 2020, where he published a photo with his current partner, by declaring that it had occurred for good.

The couple had a son and a daughter together in addition to the rocky period that caused their divorce.

Who are Josh Blue Children?

Blue’s welcomed his first child, Simon, in 2008, and his daughter, Seika, was added to the family a few years later.

Blue’s social media posts make it quite clear that he is extremely close with his kids. And he frequently brags about them in interviews.

Blue described in an interview what he was thinking when he learned he would become a father for the first time. He stated:

I’ve always yearned to have kids. Can your dad come out and play, all the neighborhood kids would ask me as a child, as I always imagined myself to be the cool dad. I feel old now that I’m here, so I’m not that dad. Simply put, I love being with my kids.

Countless photos of Blue’s kids and their happy memories are posted on his Instagram feed. In addition to having a tight relationship with their father, the kids also seem to have a very special connection with Blue’s fiancée based on his Instagram posts.

The comedian currently lives in his Denver house with his children and is deemed to have a net worth of $1 million.

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