Who is Jill Schlesinger? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Jill Schlesinger, an Emmy-nominated business analyst, is most known for her profound business insights and financial counsel. The CBS News business expert has published her book, The Dumb Things Smart People Do With Their Money, to reach a wider audience.

The analyst, along with Jill Schlesinger spouse Jacqueline LiCalzi, has been a consistent donor to a Long Island conservation trust in addition to enlightening people with her financial knowledge.

Jill Schlesinger and Her Partner Jacqueline LiCalzi

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The pair have been working together for a while and has supported the Peconic Land Organization, a conservation trust, since 2012.

Jacqueline, Schlesinger’s partner, holds a managing director position at Morgan Stanley, a provider of financial services. She is a well-known LGBTQ+ executive and a member of the firm’s management committee.

With the multiple hyphens in her name, Jacqueline distinguished herself in the financial world for many years and was given the John J. mack Leadership Award in 2013.

Besides great work lives, both appreciate each either’s companionship. Schlesinger, however, had kept their relationship’s beginning a secret due to her reserved nature.

The CBS analyst spoke about her relationship with her partner and how they decided against getting married because of the severe marriage penalty. Any married couple with a higher income must pay the penalty to the government.

Rather the duo aims to preserve the penalty for their retirement and make good use of it. According to Schlesinger,

Instead of getting married and paying taxes on a yearly basis, we may be in much better financial health by saving money for retirement.

Schlesinger’s Past Relationship

The business analyst wed Ronald Steven Fuchs in New York in 1991 before beginning a relationship with her present boyfriend.

The couple, who had been dating since their undergraduate days, got married when they were both 25 years old. Schlesinger obtained her bachelor’s degree from Brown University, where Ronald was a medical student at the time.

Although the exact date of the couple’s divorce is unknown, the analyst is currently enjoying her life with her longtime companion, Jacqueline.

Schlesinger’s Personal Details

The analyst is most likely in her 50s, however, her exact age is unknown. She was born to Susan Gordon and Albert E. Schlesinger, and she and her sister Kim Schlesinger grew up together.

She lost her father, who worked as a specialist and trader at the American Stock Exchange, in 2013.

She enrolled in Brown University in order to further her commercial career, and she left with a bachelor’s degree in arts in international relations and affairs.

In addition, she came out as a lesbian early in her career when she was owning and operated her own investment advising firm. The analyst supports the LGBTQ community because she has made the decision to be true to herself and her identity.

Speaking to CBS about her coming-out experience,

Being openly gay may require you to defend your civil rights in seemingly innocent situations.

We are aware that there is still a long way to go and are appreciative of the progress that has been made as long as LGBTQ persons experience daily dread and worry.

The financial advisor’s remarkable analysis and financial knowledge have had a tremendous impact on business, making her one of the most well-known analysts in the country.

Given her intelligence, Schlesinger most likely earns over $90,000 annually, which would put her net worth in the millions of dollars according to the research.

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