Who Is Jason Dirden? Learn All About Her Age, Wife, Nationality, And Biographical Information

Jason Dirden is an American actor who continues his father’s long acting career.

His interest in performing developed late in his high school years, but the actor flourished under the tutelage of his brother and father.

Jason began acting late in life but has previously appeared in films such as Greenleaf, Elementary, and The Start of Dreams.

Jason Dirden: Parents, Biographical Information, Age

Jason Dirden was born in Houston, Texas on 23 August 1980. He was raised by his father Willie and mother Deborah, both of whom were of American nationality, in a large household filled with siblings.

Jason’s elder brother Brandon was the first of his four siblings: Brandon, Maria, Bridgett, and James, to pursue a career in acting following his father. On the other hand, Jason was drawn to the arts rather than performing.

Jason’s father was a well-known actor, while his mother was an artist and educator at MacGregor Elementary and Texas Southern University.

The actor first tried his hand at acting during his senior year of high school. He was interested in the narrative since his adolescence but didn’t feel a strong draw till then.

Even though he began late, he was under his father’s capable hands. Jason’s duty was not simple, as his father frequently fell asleep during his monologues in front of him. (dragontkd.ca)

Then, his father taught Jason the art and ideas of character building. Additionally, he emphasized that acting is a long story that extends beyond what the audience sees, and the actor should be able to peel the character to its essence.

The Huston native began obtaining regular roles in plays and on-stage drama after following his father’s counsel and mentoring. He gradually developed his acting abilities and received his debut in 2010 with the film The Start of Dreams.

From then on, it’s been an uphill battle for Jason, who recently scored a role on the upcoming American television show American Soul.

Jason Dirden: Relationship Status

Jason Dirden has a dark brownish-black complexion and stands at a respectable height. However, he has never married, even at the age of 39.

The actor relishes his role as a bystander, allowing his elder brother Brendon to take the lead on everything, whether it’s starting an acting career or marrying a bride.

Though Jason has avoided marriage in real life, he appeared in the 2016 drama Greenleaf as a spouse to actress Asia’h Epperson. In July 2011, he also joked about his works on Twitter, linking them to a girlfriend.

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