Who is Janelle Ginestra? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Married to the dancer and choreographer William Adams, often known as Willdabeast Adams, Janelle Ginestra has achieved the pinnacle of her career working with some of the most renowned choreographers and well-known productions.

In 2018, the Janelle Ginestra couple got married. But lately, their admirers have begun to wonder if they are still dating as they haven’t seen the two interact on each other’s social media. So let’s discuss the topic in more detail.

Did Janelle Ginestra And William Adams Split?

It’s unclear whether Ginestra and Adams are divorced or still adore their union. However, the fact that they weren’t pictured together on social media sparked questions about their relationship.

In a 2009 dancing rehearsal, the couple first encountered one another. Following several years of dating, the couple was engaged in May 2017 and got married in September 2018.

The bride and groom entertained their guests with an amazing dancing performance at their wedding in Huntington Beach, California. The entire history of their relationship was encapsulated in the dance routine.

With their astounding performance, their big day truly looked complete, and the guests were ecstatic. Ginestra and Adams’ lovely relationship is clear from their social media posts, where they constantly shared both ordinary and memorable occasions.

For instance, Ginestra posted a brief video clip of their wedding day on Instagram to wish her husband a happy wedding anniversary. She penned,

Being able to call Willdabeast my spouse makes me feel like the luckiest woman alive. You stand out among others. My style. the guy who can make any space brighter. You have a way of connecting with everyone, and it’s fun to see how even the little actions you take can make a difference. Daily, my love for you grows.

Later, the pair added a cat by the name of Fran to their two-person family. The ca be adored by them as if it were their own child, but sadly, Fran passed away on May 6, 2020. Ginestra even has a video and photo account on Instagram dedicated to Fran.

Once more, Ginestra has acquired another kitten, Lilah, and she frequently updates her Instagram followers on Lilah’s progress.

Know More About Jannelle Ginestra

Ginestra, a dancing enthusiast who was born in 1989, began taking dance lessons when she was a little child. However, the dancer only got a few appearances in TV advertisements and shows after moving from Santa Clara to Los Angeles with her mother to pursue acting.

However, because the acting was not going as planned, she decided to move back to Northern California and start high school. She later received training at Starstruck Cheer and Dance, and as a result, she was given the chance to work as a backup dancer and choreographer for various performances and events.

The choreographer later performed with superstars like Pink, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, etc. as she continued to succeed in her career. Additionally, she choreographed the K-pop song Bicycle by Chung Ha.

Additionally, based on her successful dancing career, she must have amassed a sizeable financial worth, although this information is not yet available.

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